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Broken Age Review: Delightful But Disinterested

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Broken Age is a gorgeous, often funny return to adventure games for Tim Schafer and Double Fine, but it’s also too often dull and shallow.

Game Front Podcast #17: Double Fine, Net Neutrality & SimCity


Another Friday means another episode of the Game Front podcast! On this week’s installment, we first explain our shiny new…

The Broken Age: How to Unlock Retro 8-Bit Mode


Take a trip down memory lane with the hidden Retro graphics mode in The Broken Age.

The Broken Age: Act 1 Walkthrough


See what all the fuss is about. Double Fine’s Kickstarter adventure is finally available.

Broken Age Embargo Decree Disrespects Press, Backers

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Double Fine’s email statement to Kickstarter backers dictating embargo information forgets players’ ownership of what they paid for, and the fact that the game wouldn’t exist without their money.

The Broken Age Cheats


Put the pieces of The Broken Age back together with our list of secrets, extras, and guides.

Broken Age: Act 1 Beta Drops Tomorrow


AAA games shipped in a near unplayable state, DLC available for pre-order (in some cases for said unplayable games), early…

Chris Roberts Talks Star Citizen, The Last of Us, Broken Age, and More


Picking the mind of a crowd-funding, starfaring visionary.

Friday Flame War: The Kickstarter Ponzie Scheme


It seems like a long time for something to sink in, but this week the Internet as a whole got…

Broken Age Delayed, Split: Double Fine Says $3.3M Isn’t Enough

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Double Fine’s Kickstarter-funded Broken Age is over budget and is being split into two releases, says Tim Schafer.

Why I’m Done With Kickstarter


Kickstarter has become a powerful force in funding games, but I’m done backing projects. When Kickstarter launched in 2009, no…

Schafer: All Devs Want Is to Be Treated Reasonably


By platform holders.

Broken Age Gets Teased in a New Trailer


Double Fine has released a teaser trailer for Broken Age.

Double Fine Unveils Broken Age, A Point-and-Click Adventure


Double Fine Adventure is officially Broken Age.

Kickstarter Games Earn Over $100m in Funding


Kickstarter has been a boon to game developers.

Kickstarter 2012 in Review: $83M Pledged to 2800 Game Projects


561,574 backers for game projects.

Project Eternity Kickstarter Breaks Record for Most Funded

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People really love Obsidian.

Publishers: Stay the Hell Away from Kickstarter

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If publishers start taking advantage of players’ willingness to fund games, Kickstarter is doomed.

Double Fine: Video Games ‘Don’t Need Permission’ to Be Art

games as art

Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert don’t really think this needs to be a debate anymore.

Wil Wheaton Interviews Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert

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Wil, Tim and Ron spend a few minutes talking about everything from The Cave and Kickstarter to video games as art.

Double Fine to Big Publishers: Embrace Change, Or Miss the Revolution

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In the age of digital distribution and social networking, publishers need to engage with their fans, Double Fine says.

Kickstarter Campaigns Have Costs, Too

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It’s not just free money.

This Is What Tim Schafer Is Doing with Your Money (PICS)


Money well invested.

Double Fine Kickstarter Ends Tomorrow; Schafer Asks for Last Donations


It totally isn’t begging for money.

Double Fine Teases Tim Schafer Q&A Session with Kickstarter Blooper Video


You can ask Tim Schafer anything on Sunday.

Double Fine Trademarks “The Cave”


Could this be the Kickstarter game?