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Bungie Wants Beta Testers For Their Upcoming Game


We still don’t know what it is! I’m kidding, we totally do.

Bungie Confirms They Won’t Be At E3 2012



Details of New Bungie MMO “Destiny” Emerge Via Activision Contract


Interesting stuff, to say the least.

Bungie’s Marathon Trilogy Available for Free Download


Life ain’t a track meet. It’s a Marathon.

Halo Anniversary Multiplayer Preview


Killing spree!

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary – Behind the Scenes Campaign Video


Learn a thing or two about how it’s going to play.

Bungie Employee Subdues Criminal


No word on whether he tea-bagged him.

Retro Rewind — Halo: Combat Evolved


You had me at “Halo.”

Goof on Master Chief With Our Halo: Combat Evolved Retro Speed Walkthrough


He sounds like Alvin and the Master Chiefmunks!

Bungie’s Revealing Something on Bungie Day


Just in case you don’t know, that’s July 7.

Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack Review


Long story short: This short story could have been longer.

Rumor: Halo is, in Fact, Getting a Remake

halo combat evolved

Joystiq is citing anonymous sources that say we’ll be seeing Halo: Combat Evolved with HD graphics (and 3D capabilities) on Nov. 15.

Good Luck Faking Your Way into E3 This Year

e3logo thumb

The year’s biggest gaming expo is cracking down on who can get media badges and how popular their outlets have to be.

Check Out This 8-Bit Halo Demake

8 bit halo thumb

You can download and play it for free on your PC.

Bungie Grabs New Trademarks, Domain Names

bungie thumb

We might be seeing the beginnings of the company’s new IP(s) to follow Halo.

Bungie Looking For Beta Testers


Find out how you could be a beta tester on Bungie’s next game.

Halo: Reach Map Pack Coming in November


Bungie has announced the first map pack for Halo: Reach, and that it’s coming out November 30. All the details can be found within.

How To Use The Forge In Halo: Reach


Our step by step guide to the Forge 2.0. Win Friends, influence people and kill them all here.

Bungie Implies They’re Working On An MMO


Could World of Halocraft be in our future? No idea, but a not-so-subtle comment from Bungie bigwig Joe Staten hints at this mind blowing possibility.

Bungie Punishes Halo: Reach Cheaters By Resetting Credits To Zero


Players who exploited a glitch in Halo: Reach’s multiplayer recieved the kind of punishment normally reserved for Mafia Dons.

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Tips

reach multi 3

Five games into Halo and still getting pummeled on Xbox Live? Check out a few multiplayer tricks that will help you keep alive a little longer.

Kotick Says There is Only One Good Indie Developer


I bet you can guess which one if you think about who they made a huge deal with this year.

Halo: Reach Creative Director Video Interview


Halo series Creative Director Marcus Lehto gives us a live demo of all the new weapons in the game, and explains why it’s the “best” Halo game ever.

Halo: Reach Creative Director Marcus Lehto Answers Your Questions


Check out this video featuring Hal: Reach Creative Director Marcus Lehto answering your questions!

Bungie Building New Engine for Their New Franchise


They’re going the manly, DIY route on this new project.

The Final Halo Interview – Creative Director Marcus Lehto Says Goodbye


Halo series Creative Director Marcus Lehto looks back with us on 13 very eventful years, and the official closing of the Halo series with Halo: Reach.

Halo: Reach Leaked, Playing It Nets You a Ban


It’s true. Halo: Reach has leaked, and Microsoft will ban you permanently for playing it.

Gamestop Hosting Halo: Reach Events on Friday Night


Because what’s better than spending your Friday night at Gamestop?

Halo: Reach is Finito


Done. Finshed. Wrapped up. In the bag. Dealt with. Sewn up.

Bungie Drops Last Halo: Reach Trailer


Check out Bungie’s last trailer for Halo: Reach’s campaign mode.

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