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Watch The Best Video Game Apocalypses (Video)

mass effect 3 reaper landing thumb

Mayans were wrong. We’ve been having them for years.

Button Mashup #6: Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Adam Jensen is a Horrible Person

dxhr melee thumb

Jensen tries out being a homicidal maniac and general douche.

New GameFront Video: Button MashUp #5 Breaks the Fourth Wall


One of the things that irritates me the most in games while also being totally hilarious (usually not the right…

Button Mashup #4: Sexy Girls of Gaming


Just look at the size of those polygons!

Button Mashup #3: Enjoy 83 Seconds of Shadows of the Damned’s D*ck Jokes (VIDEO)

shadows of the damned johnson thumb

The best kind of jokes.

Button Mashup #2: Cole Phelps is a Horrible Detective (Video)


In episode 2 of GameFront’s Button Mashup series, we ask ‘how bad is Detective Phelps at his job?” Turns out, ‘completely’.

Button Mashup #1: L.A. Noire Partners Have That Bad Cop Thing Down (VIDEO)

la noire partners thumb

Our video guys put together all the best partner moments from Team Bondi’s the 1940s cop drama. Warning: it’s both awesome and hilarious.