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Black Ops 2 Trophies


Decide the fate of nations, and unlock some trophies while you’re doing it.

Black Ops 2 Cheats


Cheat in the past and the future, like a pro.

Game Front Update: Halo 4, LEGO LoTR, and GTA V (VIDEO)

game front update 1 thumb

This week, in Game Front videos….

Black Ops 2 – Multiplayer Flag & Bomb Locations Guide [All Maps]


See where to go in Capture-the-Flag, Domination, and Demolition all in one place.

Black Ops 2 to Feature In-Game Streaming Via YouTube


In case you wanted to hear a bunch of kids call each other f*****s without actually playing the game.

Everything We Know About Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

blops 2 3 thumb

It’s all the stuff we’ve learned about the game, due out next week.

Black Ops 2 Already Being Torrented

black ops 2 nuketown 2025 thumb


Black Ops 2 Streamer Caught & Burned by Treyarch Game Design Director


If you’re going to live-stream your pirated copy of a game, at least be good at it.

Nuketown 2025 Trailer Reminds You To Pre-Order Black Ops 2

black ops 2 nuketown 2025 thumb

If you pre-order a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, you get a futury reimaginging of the multiplayer…

PSA: Pre-Order Black Ops 2 Season Pass On Steam Now


If you’re into it.

5 Real World Locations We’d Like to Visit in Games


Concept artists, get cracking.

Why Short Games End Up Longer and Longer Games Are Too Short


Content versus pacing!

Black Ops 2 Has Highest-Ever Pre-Orders At Gamestop


What a shock.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Launch Trailer Invades


It’s here. And ACDC is in it, for some reason.

Call of Duty Elite Will Be Free for Black Ops 2


Huh, wow. Thanks, Activision.

Black Ops 2 Dev “Never Really Understood” Fan Anger over CoD Engine


“It runs at 60 and it’s gorgeous.”

First BLOPS2 Nuketown Image Released


Click to see it.

Details on Black Ops 2 Matchmaking, Security, Servers, and Mod Tools


No server rentals, no mod tools.

Call of Duty Elite Redesigned for Black Ops 2


New hover-over top menu for easy navigation.

Digital Storm Releases PC vs. Console Gaming Infographic


Not as biased as you’d think.

Finally, BLOPS2 Zombie Mode Unveiled


At last the teasing ceases.

Black Ops 2 Zombies is a Road Trip of Headshots (TRAILER)

black ops 2 zombies tease small thumb

Zombies mode has a whole world now.

Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Revealed Next Week (TRAILER)

blops 2 zombies bus thumb

Could it be a campaign? With a bus?!

Wii U Details: Models, Pricing, Launch Date, Titles


Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive. No, seriously.

Lots of People at Gamescom Liked Black Ops 2′s Multiplayer (TRAILER)

blops 2 tomahawk thumb

Here’s a trailer that says so.

NPD Report: America’s Gamer Population Shrinking; Mobile Gamers Dominate


Oh no you didn’t.

Treyarch Drops Black Ops 2 Minimum PC Requirements, Other Info

blops 2 3 thumb

Sounds like Treyarch means to add some nice PC optimizations.

Zombies Coming to Black Ops 2′s Nuketown


Why not?

Black Ops 2 Collector Editions Revealed


Click to find out what your benjamins get you.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Nixes COD Points; Prestige Cap Revealed



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