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Black Ops First Strike Map Pack Hits PS3 Next Month

first strike thumb

No date on a PC release.

Some Dumbs–t Kid Spent £1,082.52 on Xbox Live, Dumbs–t Mom Blames Microsoft


This is going to be fun.

Will Hardcore Gamers Be the Death of the Industry?


Yeah, you’re hardcore, and you’re killing the gaming industry.

Somebody Did Something Artful with CoD: Black Ops


It actually stands out from the crowd!

Call of Duty: Black Ops: First Strike DLC Review

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Black Ops’ first DLC package contains four multiplayer maps and one Zombies map, and for the most part, they encourage new strategies and solid chances for intense combat.

CoD: Black Ops First Strike DLC Language Compatibility Weirdness


If you buy the First Strike pack, make sure its language matches the language on you lack Ops disc, or else it won’t work.

New PS3 Firmware Drops the Ban Hammer on Black Ops Hackers


Guess what – every one of those banned folks claims innocence.

US Secret Service Uses Gaming Tech for Training in “Tiny Town”


The Department of Homeland Security sure knows how to build great video game platforms.

Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Trailer


This is the first full trailer for the new DLC First Strike.

Experience CoD Zombies Anytime With Black Ops Zombies…Soundtrack

black ops zombies thumb

A soundtrack with 17 tracks taken from or somehow related to Black Ops’ Zombies mode. For those of you who have been waiting patiently for such a thing.

Sony Rumored to be Implementing PS3 Serial Codes


Are serial codes the answer to PS3 piracy?

Microsoft Rolls Out 360 Anti-Piracy Update


A new firmware attempts to ban XBox 360 users who try to run pirated games.

Letter From Gamer’s 8 year Old Bro. Proves Kids Today Can’t Write, Are Awesome at MW2


This will melt your heart and send you reaching for a red pen

Break Made a Flash Game For You To Enjoy

storm ops

It’s about shooting people, so you know you’ll like it.

Call of Duty Multiplayer Now ‘Unplayable’, Thanks To PS3 Hack


So, about 5 seconds of being really impressed before the a$$h0les outnumbered everyone else. Better than with The White Stripes I guess.

Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Trailer


Check out the new trailer for the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, titled First Strike.

Walkthrough Weekend: Lost in Shadow, Ilomilo, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and More!


Thank God It’s Walkthrough Weekend! Our guide to spending your free time kicking a$$.

Video Game Sales Were Down by $1 billion (or so) in the US in 2010


But it’s not really a big deal.

PS3 Hack Creator Says It Won’t Let You Run Pirated Games



How To Rob a GameStop: Dig a Tunnel

gamestop thumb

The front of the GameStop proving impenetrable, one suspect must battle the forces of gravity and physics on his quest to raid the corporate nerd’s horde of baubles and treasures.

These are the Top-Selling Games of 2010 (in the USA)


Hot and fresh out the NPD kitchen.

This Guy Won The Black Ops Prestige Edition!

black-ops-prestige-edition thumb

We picked a winner for our “Less Ambitious Games” contest. Come see the winner, plus a few notable runners-up.

Anti-Gaming Study Flawed, ESA Says

esa thumb

The study attempts to link gaming with mental health issues, but the Electronics Software Association claims there are problems with its methodology.

Massive Dev Says PS3 Might Be Looking at More Piracy than the PSP


That’s a f–k of a lot of piracy.

GameStop Wants to Link to Your Xbox Live Account (One Day)

gamestop thumb

GameStop sells a lot of XBL and PSN points cards, and it’s working to have your digital purchases go straight to your always-connected console, even before you leave the store.

Sony Files Restraining Order Against Root Key Hackers

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Sony has motions in front of a judge to put a stop to the Playstation 3 root key hackers.

The N-Control Avenger Parasitic Controller Add-on Threatens to Help your “Performance”


Because we all need 13 extra fingers to win.

Lady Seduces Kid Over Xbox Live


And then bad things happened.

Wall Street Journal: Check Out Underhyped Fallout, Mass Effect 2

fallout thumb

A business newspaper sent us an email because they wouldn’t want you to miss out on these non-Black Ops “unsung heroes” of 2010.

Walkthrough Weekend: Lost in Shadow, Ilomilo, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and More!


All the information you’ll need to have an epic gaming weekend!

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