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Activision Extends Call of Duty: Elite Subscriptions By 30 Days After Launch Issues

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Hooray, added value.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review (Xbox 360)


How did we feel about Activision’s take on World War III for Xbox 360? Better click to find out.

Call of Duty: Elite Locks Out Under-18 Players; Some Kind of Younger Content Coming

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Sorry, 14-year-olds filling MW3 lobbies with shrill voices and misunderstood swear words. No Elite for you.

PSA: How To Activate Your Call Of Duty Elite Founder Status

COD Elite Founder

This is a lot easier than you think; just show some patience.

Activision’s Handling Of MW3/COD Elite Launch Already Superior To EA


Say what you will about Activision, but the one battle BF3 fans definitely lose to COD players is customer service

Call of Duty: Elite Experiencing Launch Issues


Launch issues? Affecting a AAA shooter released in the Fall of 2011! That’s impossible!

No Call of Duty Elite TV for PC Players


Bbbut I want to watch Michelle Rodriguez play MW3!

Activision Thinks Services Like Call of Duty Elite Will Become a Necessity


How silly.

Call of Duty: Elite Beta Spreads to PS3 Starting Today

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Don’t expect the beta to show up for PC players anytime soon, though. Or at all.

How Different is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 From Its Predecessors: An Analysis

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We replayed the last few Call of Duty titles to compare them with Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer.

Bowling: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on PC Will Support LAN Multiplayer

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LAN party like it’s 2003!

Dedicated Servers Mean Call of Duty: Elite for PC May Be Different Than for Consoles

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Beachhead Studios is running up against issues with keeping competition fair.

Call of Duty XP: Interview with Sledgehammer Games’ Michael Condrey (VIDEO)

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Sledgehammer’s COO talks about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3′s new features.

Call of Duty XP: How Clan Leveling Works for Call of Duty: Elite

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And the things you can get for it.

Call Of Duty XP: Is Call Of Duty Elite Worth It?


We attempt to determine if you should blow your money on Activision’s proposed new cash cow.

Call of Duty XP: Elite TV, Part of CoD: Elite Premium Subscription, Features Content from Ridley Scott


We heard a rumor last week that famed director Ridley Scott, along with his brother, also-famed director Tony Scott, would…

Ridley Scott, Arrested Development Alumni Sign Up to Make Call of Duty: Elite Videos

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Might have a reason to opt for that Call of Duty: Elite premium tier after all.

Call of Duty Elite Beta Launches Today


Invites are coming slow, though, so don’t expect to receive one right away.

Call of Duty Elite’s Subscription Service Could Send Players to Battlefield 3, says Researcher


People don’t like paying for stuff? What!?

There Are Plenty Of Folks Ready to Dive into Call of Duty Elite

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So it’s not a nothing thing.

E3 2011 — We’re Becoming Less Skeptical of Call of Duty: Elite

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After a demo from Project Beachhead Lead Product Designer Noah Heller, we’re becoming more positive on Activision’s social networking and stat-tracking service.

Activision’s Call of Duty: Elite FAQ – Some Questions Answered

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We’ve pulled out the spin from Activision’s info-drop to give you just the answers to questions, without the PR-speak.

Activision Taking Requests for Call of Duty: Elite Beta

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Be the first to see more Call of Duty stats than you could ever need.

Call of Duty: Elite is Cool, But Will People Pay for It?

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We share our thoughts on Call of Duty: Elite, and whether the service is worth a subscription fee.

Track How Good You Are at Shooting Guys with Call of Duty: Elite (TRAILER)

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Activision spends 6 minutes explaining what Call of Duty: Elite is all about, and is pretty funny in doing so.

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