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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gets New Multiplayer Modes This Weekend

mw3 3 thum

We don’t know what they’ll be just yet, though.

The 5 Greatest Gaming Moments Of All Time


5 moments that shook the world… or maybe just made us laugh.

PSA: New Modern Warfare 3 Update Addresses Lag, Other Things


So you know they’re looking out for you.

Modern Warfare 3 Garners $1 Billion in 16 Days, Which is Faster Than Avatar

modern warfare 3 thumb

Dammit, I forgot to buy Activision stock again.

GameFront 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards


Vote for your favorite games, and you could win any game you want!

Peter Moore: “I Don’t Think There’s Any Doubt” Battlefield 3 Stole Share from Modern Warfare 3


Uh, I think there is doubt.

5 Gaming Cliches We Never Want to See Again in 2012


This Just In: from the Department of Sensible Futility.

Modern Warfare 3 – Config File Tweaks


Adjust your graphical settings with extreme precision by altering these MW3 files.

Modern Warfare 3 – The Vet and the N00b Trash Talk Trailer With Jonah Hill

the noob

This is actually really funny

More People Are Playing Skyrim Than Battlefield 3 on Xbox Live

skyrim nord thumb

Big whoop.

Three Pretty Attractive Modern Warfare 3 Knife Kills


I do love knife kills.

Modern Warfare 3 Glitch Removes Recoil From Any Gun (VIDEO)

mw3 3 thum

Cheaters never win. That said, here’s an easy way to cheat.

Watch The Call of Duty ELITE – “Play Together Better” Trailer


Welcome to the advertising for Call of Duty: Elite, where Activision makes an impassioned and weirdly emotional plea for you…

Guy Hopes to “Dethrone” Call of Duty With a Browser-Based FPS


Hilarious, I know.

ATTN Activision And Infinity Ward: MW3 Might Have Been Hacked


If true, it’s an extremely cool hack, but still…

Activision Overinflated Some Modern Warfare 3 Numbers


Oh boy did they.

Activision: Call of Duty: Elite Gets 1 Million Premium Sign-Ups in 6 Days

elite theater thumb

Apparently, people are perfectly willing to pay for the service, much to the chagrin of all the naysayers.

One of the Luckier Modern Warfare 3 Throwing Knife Kills You’ll See


It’s pretty lucky.

Infinity Ward Bans a Buttload of Douchey Modern Warfare 3 Cheaters


1600, to be precise.

Gamers Spent 40% More Time Playing MW3 on Launch Day than They Did BF3 on Its Launch, and More Comparative Data


Courtesy of Raptr.

Activision Hopes to Have Call of Duty Elite Working by December 1


That’s still a couple weeks from now!

Founder Bonuses Finally Online in Call of Duty: Elite

elite theater thumb

Beachhead Studios is fixing bugs, slowly but surely.

Louisville Football Lost to Pitt On Saturday Because of Modern Warfare 3


Or so the coach says.

[UPDATE] Activision: No Guarantee Call of Duty: Elite Will Be Coming to PC


Activision may be selling the PC short again.

Modern Warfare is Fun, but ‘Modern Warfare’ is Not


Call of Duty is deeper than you think.

How to Improve MW3 Image Quality


A PC optimization Guide.

All Proceeds From The MW3 Soundtrack To Benefit The Call of Duty Endowment


This is a very good thing.

Activision Says 6.5M Modern Warfare 3 Copies Sold on Day 1 in North America, UK

scrooge swimming thumb

Good for $400 million in sales, the publisher says.

Activision Extends Call of Duty: Elite Subscriptions By 30 Days After Launch Issues

elite theater thumb

Hooray, added value.

Modern Warfare 3 Equipment


Get equipped.

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