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Call of Duty: Elite Hands-On Preview

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Activision shows off its subscription-based statistics platform, but leaves off the cost details.

Call of Duty: Elite is Cool, But Will People Pay for It?

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We share our thoughts on Call of Duty: Elite, and whether the service is worth a subscription fee.

Track How Good You Are at Shooting Guys with Call of Duty: Elite (TRAILER)

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Activision spends 6 minutes explaining what Call of Duty: Elite is all about, and is pretty funny in doing so.

Friday Flame Wars: Call of Duty vs. Battlefield

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None of us have played these games, but you already know which one will be better. So now’s your chance to convince the rest of us.

War Comes to Wall Street in Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Preview

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We got a look at about 20 minutes of in-game footage from Activision and Infinity Ward’s upcoming Call of Duty title.

Modern Warfare 3 Preview Impressions: Looks Great, But We’re Hoping for a Story

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After watching a video demo of two MW3 levels, we’re excited, but cautiously optimistic, too.

Robert Bowling: “We’ve Moved Beyond the MW2 Engine”


What does that mean, exactly?

Modern Warfare 3: Revealed (TRAILER)



See More of Modern Warfare 3 on May 23


You’ll need to watch sports, though.

And Here is Your First Modern Warfare 3 Teaser Trailer


Get ready for some noise.

Giant Modern Warfare 3 Leak Spoils Setting, Gameplay and Story


Spoiler alert: It involves war in a modern setting.

Could This Be Modern Warfare 3′s Box Art?


We’re leaving the call on this one up to you. There’s also a logo for Call of Duty: Elite.

Sources: Stuff about Modern Warfare 3


So, uh, is Osama in it?

Captain Price Arrested for Allegedly Beating His Wife and Daughter



LA Times: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven Co-developing Modern Warfare 3


OK, that’s a thing.

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