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Capcom Says RE6 On-Disc DLC There B/C ‘Technical Reasons’


Hahahahahahahaha cough cough cough.

Resident Evil: Damnation is All About Wisecracking Leon

resident evil damnation leon thumb

Capcom has released a new Resident Evil CGI movie, but does it have anything to do with the games? Uh…no.

Resident Evil 6: Find Slides & Panda Rides in the Playground [Easter Egg]


Take some time out from your busy monster-killing schedule.

Resident Evil 6 Has the Weirdest Story in the Series

resident evil 6 9 thumb

We’ve untangled the story to show you what’s really going on.

James vs. Games 6: James vs. God Hand (VIDEO)

james vs games 6 thumb

Failure means James has to eat a ghost pepper candy.

Resident Evil 6: Infinite Ammo Unlockable Skills


Learn how to unlock infinite ammo here.

Resident Evil 6 Review: So Much Game You’ll Have to Like Something

resident evil 6 7 thumb

An incredibly ambitious title, Resident Evil 6′s many strengths help make up for its many weaknesses.

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough


Zombies make their triumphant return, and we’ll tell you how to survive this outbreak.

Resident Evil 6 Achievements


More heroes, more zombies, more everything in the massive Resident Evil 6. See just how big it is with our achievements list.

Resident Evil 6 Trophies


During a global zombie outbreak, it’s totally appropriate to stop and search for emblems.

Resident Evil 6 Cheats


Take down zombies in style.

Rumor: Lost Planet 3 Devs To Revive Onimusha


It could happen!

Resident Evil 5 Review: Fun, but Never Scary

resident evil 5 1.jpg thumb

Revisting Resident Evil 5 reminds us that the game attempts to ape RE4, and fails.

Lost Planet 3 Prod: Focus Is On Narrative Elements



RE6 PC Deets Won’t Be Available ‘For Some Time’


Probably the 12th of never.

5 Things You Might Not Know About the Resident Evil Films

resident evil retribution thumb

A few tidbits on the movies from a guy who wrote a book about them.

Warning: New Resident Evil 6 Demo Coming September 18


The details are inside.

Yep; Stolen Copies Of Resident Evil 6 Have Been Sold


More fool them, because it’s Resident Evil 6!

Watch Capcom’s Lost Planet 3 Segment From Gamescom


It looks really kind of ok!

Watch Remember Me – Official US Trailer



How to Get Video Game Horror Right


Besides increasing the quality of your “dripping with slime” textures, obviously.

Capcom Wants $20 For On-Disc Street Fighter X Tekken DLC


Pardon me while I stifle a dismissive sniff.

Resident Evil Six Apparently Consists Of Mostly Cut-Scenes


I hope they’re unskippable!

E3 Interview: Gaikai CEO Talks Cloud Gaming


In the future, games will be like rain: they’ll stream from the cloud.

More Resident Evil 6 Gameplay – Conspiracies, Vehicles, and Crazy Action


These classic Capcom characters look to be having one hell of a family reunion.

Devil May Cry Pre-E3 Video Interview (With James!)


Get the skinny on the DMC reboot.

Hands On With The Lost Planet 3 Demo


It’s not terrible. Yet.

Jeez, Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition Is $1,300



Capcom Intends To Turn Resident Evil Into Call Of Duty


This is a great idea.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

operation raccoon city birkin thumb

Fans will enjoy revisiting Raccoon City, but Capcom’s latest Resident Evil romp is just not fun to play.

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