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Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. Review

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While it’s a good idea in practice and it can be fun to mix deathmatch multiplayer play with a constant onslaught of Resident Evil 4 enemies, Mercenaries VS. needs more variety and tighter controls.

Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. Hits App Store Tonight

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Also on tonight’s release list: World of Goo for iPhone, Streets of Rage 2 and You Don’t Know Jack.

Rush’n Attack Ex-Patriot Trailer

Rush'n Attack Ex-Patriot 002

If you enjoyed Bionic Commando Rearmed and New Super Mario Bros., this is probably going to feel like getting a high five from Elementary school.

Dude Rocks Super Street Fighter IV Playing with Face, Tongue

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Check out this interview with a Street Fighter tournament player who’s better with his cheek than most people are with their thumbs.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds Review


Spoiler: If you’re old enough to read this, chances are you will get your ass handed to you.

Hot Chicks Kick Ass in Live Action Street Fighter IV (VIDEO)

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Watch this. You’ll enjoy it.

Capcom, Sega Join In With Valentine’s iPhone Sales

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More games are on sale in the App Store for Valentine’s Day. Check out the complete list of offerings from Capcom and Sega.

Capcom Looks to Please Fighting Fans with Marvel vs. Capcom 3

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We talked with Capcom’s Rey Jimenez and Seth Killian, who say they tried to make Marvel vs. Capcom 3 the game for which fans have been asking.

Good Luck Faking Your Way into E3 This Year

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The year’s biggest gaming expo is cracking down on who can get media badges and how popular their outlets have to be.

Hands On with Marvel vs. Capcom 3

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 fans — you should be right at home with Marvel vs. Capcom 3. And your less…

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain Review

refrain 2

In bringing Devil May Cry 4 to iPhone, Capcom forgot a crucial element — making it interesting and challenging to play.

Hands On with Nintendo 3DS and Super Street Fighter IV 3D

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The first North American demo of the 3DS happened at a small kiosk at Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fight Club event in Los Angeles, and we got to touch it!

App Store Ripoffs Still Available Despite Complaints

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The Blocks Cometh, Ultimate Assassin 2, Monster Mowdown — they’re Flash games that have been sold in the iTunes App Store without permission by a single developer. One who’s still making money.

Devil May Cry 4: Refrain Suddenly Hits App Store – for $1.99!


Get your mobile Devil May Cry 4 fix while it’s on sale.

3 Reasons NGP is the Future of Portables (and 3 Why It Will Crash and Burn)

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Looking through what we know about Sony’s Next Generation Portable, there’s a lot to be excited about — and a lot to fear. We break down the NGP’s potential triumphs and pitfalls.

Kojima Wants to Take Games from PS3 to NGP and Back Again

mgs 4

Third-party developers show tech demos of PS3 games running on NGP, and Activision announces Call of Duty for the platform.

Akuma, Taskmaster to Beat Hell Out of Each Other in MvC3 (TRAILER)

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A couple of new “secret” characters are going toe-to-toe in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, complete with another video of the Marvel universe and the Capcom universe wailing on each other.

‘Splosion Man vs. MaXplosion: On Imitation, Cloning and Ethics

splosion edit thumb

Capcom Mobile’s iPhone copy of ‘Splosion Man, MaXplosion, is blatant, insulting and almost completely without consequences. Why you should be annoyed.

Capcom Responds to Twisted Pixel’s ‘Splosion Man Ripoff Tweets

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Capcom says it didn’t steal Twisted Pixel’s game, but it still hopes to “rebuild the trust of our fans.”

Why You Should Care About Mobile Gaming

LG-Optimus-2X thumb

It’s growing out of control. Pretty soon, you could be virtually shooting, racing or stiff-arming players who aren’t in front of a TV or computer screen, but on a phone.

‘Splosion Man Creators Think Capcom Ripped Them Off

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Twisted Pixels had some harsh words for Capcom’s new MaXplosion iPhone game on Twitter, but denies they’re thinking about legal action.

Stick-On Joystick Makes iPad Games a Little Easier

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Feeling the need for tactile controls for your touchscreen iDevice? This might help.

Devil May Cry 4 iPhone Puts You in Control of Nero (VIDEO)


Take on monsters and demons as Nero in Capcom’s new 10-level iPhone romp.

Capcom Takes iPhone Online with Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs. (VIDEO)

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Capcom’s upcoming iOS Mercenaries title features online multiplayer, but it still needs work before it’s ready to play.

Capcom Arcade on iPhone Adds Ghosts n’ Goblins

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Just like Capcom Arcade on the Wii Virtual Console, you can play a small-scale freemium version of Ghosts n’ Goblins, along with a few other Capcom classics.

Phoenix, Haggar Step Into Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ring (VIDEOS)

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The roster keeps getting bigger in the next installment of Capcom’s franchise-crossing fighter.

My T-Shirt Says Spike VGA Reveal is Resident Evil


A single frame in Spike’s VGA teaser suggest a new Resident Evil game will be announced at the Dec. 11 event.

NYCC: Fans Can Participate in Mega Man Legends 3 Development

mega man legends 3

Oh, and the Mercenary modes from Resident Evil 4 and 5 are coming to 3DS, along with Mega Man Legends 3 Project

NYCC: More Capcom Arcade Classics Coming to Wii


Ghost ‘n Goblins and 1942 are among the new titles being revived on the Virtual Console.

Check out M.O.D.O.K., Magneto in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (VIDEO) (GALLERY)


We’ve got a ton of screens of Magneto and M.O.D.O.K. in action from New York Comic Con.

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