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CCP Releases “This is EVE” Trailer as EVE Expansion Approaches

This is EVE

CCP has released a new trailer aimed at showcasing EVE Online’s “true multiplayer experience.” The trailer, dubbed “This is EVE”…

EVE Onine Developer Closing its San Francisco Studio


CCP’s latest financial report has revealed that it’s closing its San Francisco studio. This closure is part of the EVE…

CCP Bans EVE Players Following Fanfest Vandalism

EVE Monument

CCP has blacklisted four people from future EVE fanfests following the defacement of a monument to EVE Online. The individuals…

World of Darkness Screens Leaked


A gallery of leaked screenshots has emerged from CCP’s MMO World of Darkness. The images, which primarily show off a…

Oculus VR Is Co-Publishing EVE: Valkyrie With CCP


Oculus VR, the crazy kids behind that virtual reality headset everyone’s been talking about, is getting into the game publishing…

CCP: $300,000 Worth of Digital Property Lost in Eve Online Battle


That gi-normous 3,000-spaceship donnybrook that exploded in Eve Online this week? Developer CCP says “The Bloodbath of B-R5RB” cost Eve…

Is Eve: Valkyrie the Killer Game for Sony’s PS4 VR Headset?


Here’s what we know: the folks at CCP (Eve Online) used their Oculus Rift dev kit to create a sublime…

CCP Says A New Age is Dawning in EVE Online: Rubicon

As an outside observer, EVE Online seems like one massive stalemate of a space sim. Factions are so entrenched and…

Dust 514 E3 Report: Improving On Imperfection


Dust 514 launched to lukewarm reception. Will CCP’s plans pull it from the doldrums?

EVE Online E3 Report: CCP Builds a Player-Driven Future


CCP is as dedicated to EVE’s next decade as they were to its first.

Dust 514 Holding “Human Endurance” Event


Play a ton of Dust 514 and get some gear. Who would’ve thought?

Planetary Conquest Comes to Dust 514 May 6th


Dust 514 will finally begin to seriously impact EVE Online come May 6th.

Battle For Caldari Prime Rages Between EVE Online and Dust 514


CCP is giving PAX East attendees the chance to shape EVE Online and Dust 514 history.

Massive EVE Online Battle Starts Over A Misclick


Not many errant misclicks result in $30k worth of losses.

EVE Online and Dust 514 Servers Merging


EVE players can finally toy with Dust players like they are ants

CCP Plans For Dust 514 To Outlive PS3



Massive War Breaks Out in EVE Online


More player-driven awesomeness from CCP’s Sci-fi MMO.

INTERVIEW: Dust 514′s Cameron Payne Talks To Game Front


Click to watch.

DUST 514 Beta Registration Now Open


CCP takes the battle to the surface.

EVE Fanfest Will Be Livestreamed


So stop trying to afford tickets to Iceland!