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TAGGED RESULTS Unveils Site Redesign and DRM-Free Movies


When was first introduced, it was a service that preserved PC gaming classics. Eventually, it expanded it’s services to…

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Preview — The E3 Primer


Game Front previews The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Here’s What the Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Would Look Like as Minecraft

cybercraft thumb

This is pretty slick.

Was Witcher 3 Stealth-Announced In Cyberpunk Trailer?

cyberpunk night city thumb

We think yes!

Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer: Cyborg Psychos, Techno Junkies & More Details

cyberpunk night city thumb

Here’s everything we just learned about CD Projekt’s upcoming RPG.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gets a Teaser Image, Trailer on Thursday

cyberpunk night city thumb

A trailer is coming!

CD Projekt’s Free Development Tool REDkit Goes Into Closed Beta

witcher 2 4 thumb

Witcher 2 modding is coming in 2013.

Witcher 2 Now Available For Macs and On Sale

witcher 2 thumb

Everybody gets a discount!

CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk Title is Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 thumb

CD Projekt RED has revealed additional details about its upcoming “Cyberpunk 2020″ RPG adaptation, starting with its title: Cyberpunk 2077….

Make A Note: CD Projekt Livestream Is Tomorrow


Make a note.

CD Projekt, Plan Mac Announcement Event

witcher 2 thumb

It’ll include new games coming to the service and new info about CD Projekt’s game Cyberpunk.

CD Projekt Invites Modders to Join in Witcher 2 Mod Beta

witcher 2 zoltan thumb

Help test the tools.

Video Game Streaming: Bridge To The Future, Or One Too Far?


Why the gaming industry’s obsession with ‘gaming as a service’ fundamentally misunderstands the technological, entertainment, and fiscal realities.

Cyberpunk Will Be ‘As Mature As The Witcher’


Sounds good to me.

Witcher 2 Modding Tools To Be Unveiled At Gamescom

The Witcher 2thumb

Unfortunately, I won’t be in Germany so I am going to hate everyone who is.

CD Projekt Red: ‘We’ve always believed in free DLCs’


I want to marry them.

Witcher Devs Next Title Is a Glam Rock RPG

cyberpunk2020 go

Raise your hand if you like 80′s glam rock and futuristic body mods.

CD Projekt Clarifies That Multiplayer Programmer Job Posting


Still sounds like a great job.

CD Projekt Red Hiring Multiplayer Programmer


Better apply to find out.

CD Projekt: “Over-Exploiting” Gamers Will Hurt Industry


We endorse.

CD Projekt Red: Cyberpunk Will ‘Refresh’ the Classic Setting

cyberpunk 2020 thumb

Don’t expect Cyberpunk to look like the early 1990s conception of the near-future, exactly.

CD Projekt RED: ‘It’s Not About Protection; It’s About Delivering Value’

witcher 2 thumb

CEO Marcin Iwinski discusses CD Projekt’s attempts to make buying its games a better value than pirating them.

CD Projekt’s Next Game Is Based On Cyberpunk 2020


This is so awesome I can barely contain my glee.

Did You Buy Witcher 1 Anywhere? Get a Free Backup Copy from

witcher 2 thumb

That’s pretty cool of those CD Projekt guys.

Amazon Copies Of Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Signed By Devs (UK Only!)


Awesome. Er, Awesoume? Since, you know, it’s British?

PAX East 2012 Preview: The Big Games List


Check out our 2012 coverage plan!

Witcher 2 Devs Planning to Give Away Something on GOG Thursday


They’re announcing something big at their conference, too.

CD Projekt: Game Choices Should Be “Meaningful and Really Important”


We hope certain other people are paying attention.

CD Projekt Will Answer Your Witcher 2 Xbox 360 Questions Thursday

witcher 2 1 thumb

You’ll even learn the game’s release date.

Will the SOPA Blackout Work?


Wikipedia’s in. Google’s in. Icanhascheezburger iz in. Will it make a difference?

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