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Razer PC Motion Controller Gets Exclusive Portal 2 Levels (VIDEO)

portal 2 thumb

People who decide to snag the Razer Hydra will get a Portal 2 exclusive that changes some of the way the game plays.

New LG/Nvidia Phone Supports Multiplayer with Consoles, PCs


Everything I wanted is coming true!

Newell: PCs ‘Center of Innovation’ because of MMOs, Social Gaming

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The Half-Life creator says PCs are still where it’s at, because of MMOs, social gaming and microtransactions.

Gameloft Partners with Panasonic to Put Games Straight to Connected TVs


The iDevice is beaming some of its popular games straight to TVs, with no console, phone or other objects needed in between.

Sony Shows Prototype 3D Visor Thing at CES

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Strap this thing to your face for maximum dimensions of fun!

Fable Coin Golf Coming to Windows Phone 7

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Windows announces a Fable crossover pub game that lets you earn gold for the real deal on Xbox 360.

Avatar Kinect is a Cartoon Chat Room Like We Thought

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Just as we suspected, Avatar Kinect is like video chatting, except you pretend to be your avatar. Now with facial recognition!

Sony FAILS to Announce Playstation Phone at CES 2011


The big press conference in Las Vegas showed off a new phone, but it wasn’t the Xperia Play. It was just some other Android phone. Yawn.

Toshiba Shows Off Glasses-Free 3D TVs at CES 2011

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The company’s planning two sets, one bigger than 40 inches and one bigger than 50 inches, to hit U.S. shores this year.

Avatar Kinect Shots Leaked from CES 2011

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Blurry shots suggest some kind of Kinect-enabled Xbox Live social networking space. Maybe.