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Zero Punctuation is Staring at Daylight’s Walls, Bored in Child of Light

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Yahtzee doesn’t really like these games.

GF Podcast 25: Oculus and Zenimax, and Easy Games

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We tackle everything from John Carmack, alleged intellectual property thief to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and whether playing games on easy is unfair to the developers on this week’s podcast.

Child of Light: Confessions Collectible Locations Guide


Load up on every Child of Light collectible in our quick confessions guide.

Child of Light Walkthrough


Join GameFront and explore the magical land of Lemuria in Ubisoft’s Child of Light.

Child of Light Review: A Beautiful, Somewhat Empty World

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Ubisoft Montreal’s downloadable title delivers a nostalgic JRPG journey with a beautiful presentation — but it feels thin throughout.

Child of Light Cheats


Explore the deep dark corners of Child of Light with our list of secrets, collectibles, and unlockable extras.

Child of Light Preview: Dream Within a Dream

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The team behind Far Cry 3 goes after another coming-of-age tale in a strange, fantastical dreamland, but with a completely different approach.

Ubisoft Considers Beyond Good & Evil A Mistake


Because it didn’t sell well.

Pretty JRPG Child of Light Coming to PC, Too


Remember when Ubisoft either avoided PC altogether or, when it did come to my platform of choice, shackled games to…

Ubisoft Announces Child of Light, A 2D Homage To Classic JRPGs


First details.