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Codemasters Takes Over Humble Weekly Sale

Dirt 3 4K

Codemasters‘ titles are no strangers to steep discounts, and in taking on a Humble Weekly Sale that started today some…

Codemasters Founder: MS Should’ve Stuck to Its Guns on XB1


Is the world ready to get rid of physical media?

Skullcandy Teams with Codemasters, EA for Branded SLYR Gear

skullcandy thumb

Skullcandy’s second-tier headsets are getting the EA treatment.

Stuart Black Leaves City Interactive, Goes Solo

bodycount thumb


Watch The GRID 2 Launch Trailer


Vroom cars go fast.

Codemaster Nixed GRID 2 Cockpit View Because No one Used It


So stop complaining.

Registration For F1 Online Closed Beta Has Started Its Engines


Now’s the time to get a sneak peak at a racing game that doesn’t involve drunken rednecks or Bowser.

Bodycount Review


If you’re interested in buying this game, you might also like this bridge in Brooklyn we’re trying to sell.

Bodycount’s Launch Trailer is Bullety

bodycount thumb

Also explosionish.

Go “Behind the Bullets” with Bodycount (VIDEO)


It certainly beats being in front of the bullets. Depending on which direction they’re going, anyway.

Bodycount Gets New Dev Diary Trailer to Go with Demo

bodycount target thumb

It explains what you’ll see in the demo and why you should like it.

The Bodycount Demo Is Now Available On Xbox Live



Bodycount Devs Explain Visual Choices in Second Behind-The-Scenes Video

bodycount target thumb

“Even with a tiny handgun, you really feel like you’re kicking the ass out of the world.” I love these guys.

Shotgun Guys Through Walls in Bodycount (TRAILER)

bodycount thumb

All the devs talk about making their game in this trailer. The headline was what I took away from that.

DiRT 3 Gets New X Games Asia Tracks in DLC (TRAILER)

dirt 3 thumb

Two new places to spin your wheels.

Steam Update 7/19: Warhammer, IL – 2 Sturmovik, and More


They should really just call it the Valve Wallet-Emptying-Device

DiRT 3 Review

dirt 3 thumb

It’s not an easy game to pick up, but DiRT 3 won’t disappoint fans and packs a pretty huge amount of rally racing content.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River ‘Sniper Biography’ (Video)


Codemasters really knows how to make video game violence look cool.

Lord of the Rings Online European Free-to-Play Launch Announced


Europe gets to join the LOTRO free-to-play party at last.

Formula One 2010 – Thoughts On The E3 2010 Demo

Fun fact: Formula One racing is the world’s largest driving competition. Viewership and financial outcomes out-perform the combined totals of…

E3 2010 – Bodycount Demo Afterthoughts

It seems like 1999 all over again: There’s more FPS games than you can shake a stick at*, and half…

Colin McRae DiRT 2 Demo

Codemasters has released a playable demo of Colin McRae DiRT 2, giving you the chance to try out the DirectX…

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Skirmish DLC and Patch 1

This download includes the new Skirmish downloadable content and the first patch.

Pimp Your Ride for Lord of the Rings Online’s Horse Design Contest

Lord of the Rings Online is inviting players to pimp their ride in the new horse design contest. As if…

LotRO: Mines of Moria Players Face Scourge of Khazad-dûm

The latest big storyline update for the Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Book 8 is coming online…

Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Book 8 Patch Notes Revealed

Turbine has released full patch notes on the imminent Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria Book 8 content. The…

From the Roof of the World to the Foundations of Stone: Gaming Today Explores LotRO: Mines of Moria Book 8

Turbine is gearing up for the debut of Book 8: Scourge of Khazád-dum for Lord of the Rings Online: Mines…

LotRO: Mines of Moria Book 8 Reveals Hall of Mirrors Screens

Players are getting a first look into the Hall of Mirrors, part of the new Lord of the Rings: Mines…

Learn to Love Your New Evil Overlord with Overlord II Vids

Overlord was one of those games many consider a guilty pleasure. Like Pikmin with blood and gore, the title let…

LOTRO Volume II Book 8 Takes Crafting to New Level

Lord of the Rings Online players are getting new crafting enhancements with the Mines of Moria Volume II Book 8:…

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