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Everything Gaming To See and Do at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

comic con thumb

It’s a huge list of Comic-Con stuff!

Comic-Con 2011: Hands on with War in the North

war in the north 2

When Sauron’s minions start wreaking havoc in Northern Middle-Earth it’ll take a new group of heroes to stop them and a new game to tell the tale.

60 Hot Comic-Con Ladies in Costume (PICS) (Plus a Surprise)

cosplay (01)

Enjoy these Comic-Con cosplay ladies without to horrid pressure that comes with actually being near them in person!

Capcom Announces Street Fighter X Tekken


Longtime fighting-game rivals Capcom and Namco announced a truce in the form of Street Fighter X Tekken Saturday at Comic Con.

Dell/Alienware Host Street Fighter IV Dukeout at Comic-Con (in 3D!)


Check out this (fully 3D) video of Comic-Con geeks playing Street Fighter IV, while dressed up in silly outfits. Nuff’ said.

Dance Central: Look Goofy, Have Fun

dance central

Dance Central has you really dancing, which is way fun – as long as you don’t mind embarrassing yourself. Hands-on at Comic Con.

Move is Wii’s Bloody Bareknuckle Cousin

the fight

Playstation Move is like Wii, but more vicious and adult. It’s a step in the right direction.

Metroid Can’t Decide: 3D or Side-Scrolling?

Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M feels a bit like playing a Metroid game if it were made using Super Smash Bros.

Tron on Wii is Ugly

tron wii

The Wii’s light cycle multiplayer mode for Tron: Evolution is marred by visuals so ugly, you get confused about what you’re seeing.

Tron: Evolution Handles Like Prince of Persia

Tron: Evolution

Free-running and button-mashing defined the playable level of Tron: Evolution, the Xbox 360 companion to the upcoming Tron: Legacy, at Comic Con 2010.

Killzone 3 Looks Pretty Standard – Except for 3D


Sony’s Killzone 3 display at Comic Con 2010 included goofy glasses and a display that looked like it had had…

Kinect has Lots of Potential

Kinect Sports

You know that scene from Minority Report when Tom Cruise is manipulating images using an interface where he just waves…

Comic-Con Fable 3 Screenshots Released.


Just in time for Comic-Con 2010, we get a closer look at the Steam Punk, quasi Victorian setting of Fable III with 4 new screenshots. At long last, a game with retro-stylishness without the words Final or Fantasy in the title.

Heed The Official Comic-Con Trailer For Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Game.


Scott Pilgrim is already the best Comic series of the last 5 years, but come August 10th it’s also going to be the best retro game EVARZ. The Comicon-exclusive trailer dropped today and it’s guaranteed to make you explode into a shower of Canadian coinage.