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Comic-Con 2012 Roundup


Missed the Comic-Con news cycle? Here’s what you missed.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is Getting a Co-Op Mode

assassin's creed revelations 7 thumb

Face off against the AI in Horde mode-like waves.

Check Out The Beyond Comic-Con 2012 Panel


And enjoy the discussioning.

Microsoft Unveils Halo 4 Limited Edition 360 and Controller at Comic-Con


Halo fans everywhere are planning to pick up new consoles.

Comic-Con Screens Show Off Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer


Never bring a rapier to a Warclub fight.

Beyond: Two Souls Adds Two New Actors


Hope they liked getting little reflective balls glued to their faces.

New Live-Action Halo 4 Series Debuts at Comic-Con


Prepare to move “Forward Unto Dawn.”

Kickstarter For Thomas Jane/Red Fly Game Announced At Comic Con


At Comic Con today, Raw Entertainment, the comic studio hemled by actor Thomas Jane announced a partnership with Austin-based developer…

New Fortnite Screenshots and Details


Team Fortress meets Minecraft.

You Can Play Halo 4′s Spartan Ops Mode at Comic-Con

halo 4 1 thumb

Put your helmet on and head out to San Diego.

Blizzard Details San Diego Comic-Con Plans

world of warcraft panderan thumb

Booths, panels and signings this week in San Diego, Calif.