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17 Command & Conquer Titles for Four Dollars


If the first week of 2015 is any indication on how the rest of the year will look deal wise,…

GF Podcast 33: Pre-order Bonuses, EA’s Hero Complex

alien isolation nostromo edition thumb

We talk about EA, pre-orders and other things that annoy us, and tons of games you should check out if you have nothing to play this summer.

Renegade X: A Command & Conquer Shooter Done Right?


As far as memorable shooters go, Command & Conquer: Renegade is somewhere between Soldier of Fortune: Payback and  Rogue Warrior….

New Command & Conquer Not Dead Yet


I imagine the Command & Conquer franchise is sounding a lot like Darth Vader these days. Here’s why: back in…

[UPDATED] EA Cancels Command & Conquer, Shutters Victory Games

Command and Conquer Logo 140x

UPDATE: An EA spokesperson has confirmed that Victory Games has been disbanded. “The team at Victory Games will be disbanded….

Shorter Games, Faster Pace For New Command & Conquer


Command & Conquer will be a faster-paced reimagining of C&C Generals.

Command & Conquer Closed Beta Announced


A closed beta test for Command & Conquer has been announced.

The Most Popular Mods of All Time


Mods of the Gods!

C&C 12th Anniversary – Download C&C Gold For Free

“I got a present for ya’ !!” It’s hard to believe Command & Conquer is 12 years old. Makes me…