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Comment of the Week: Ron Was Wrong About WoW Not Being Dumbed Down


This was a great week of comments, everybody. Just excellent work all around. It was so good, in fact, that…

Comment of the Week: Kickstarter — All Risk, No Control


Kickstarter lets backers assume the risk of a traditional investor, without the degree of control that would normally come with it

Comment of the Week: A Scientific Experiment

FratBros thumb

“I simulated the non-existent dude bro idiot by drinking heavily and smashing my head in my head in a car door…”

Comment of the Week: Fight CISPA with Paper and Pens

scumbag congress thumb

Internet petitions and forum posts won’t stop bad bills from becoming law.

Comment of the Week: EA Shouldn’t Be Excused


Treating employees well doesn’t excuse everything else.

Comment of the Week: Sold on Souls


It’s a big one this week.

Comment of the Week: Your Politics Defeated By Car Change

dishonored 8 thumb

Oh no, a new tax on games?! Oh, of 1 percent? Yeah, okay. Whatever.

Comment of the Week: Thinking Caps On


Our weekly look at the best (and worst) of the site’s comments.

Comment of the Week: Why Would You Want Captain Needa?

ftl star destroyer thumb

Mixing “Star Wars” and FTL is awesome.

Comment of the Week: Codes Make Me Go


Another exciting installment in our weekly series!

Comment of the Week: Free Is Great, But People Need to Eat


In response to Steam being unethical for… trying to make money to feed families?

Comment of the Week: Apocalypse By Electronic Arts

ea is evil thumb

Not everybody likes EA, as this commenter explains.

Comment Of The Week: Call Of Duty: Mass Ops 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty, now with three colors of patriotism.

Comment Of The Week: Gaming Needs Constructive Criticism

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Click on the view the wisdom of our readers.