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Costume Quest 2: Secret Solar System Unlockable Costume Guide


Complete your collection of costumes in Double Fine’s RPG sequel.

Costume Quest 2 Announced

Costume Quest 2

Midnight City will publish Costume Quest 2 The game, which will be made by Tim Schafer’s studio Double Fine Productions,…

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer Teases a New Game


Double Fine is cooking up something special.

Darksiders, Red Faction, Other IPs Available in Second THQ Auction

darksiders 2 6 thumb

April will see the start of another round of THQ IP sell-offs.

Double Fine Looking at THQ Bankruptcy Paperwork


Are they looking at THQ IP, or their own?

Vote on Double Fine’s Next ‘Amnesia Fortnight’ Games Via Humble Bundle


You choose which pitches get prototyped — then download them when they’re ready.

11 PSN Games Are Half-Off This Week

11 for 11 psn thumb

The Playstation Network is featuring some downloadable titles on sale until the end of January.

Double Fine Takes You on a Costume Quest

costume quest

I laughed when I read that title too.