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5 Awesome PC Games From the 90s You Should Still Play Today


Even though the 90′s are over 15 years in the rearview mirror, there are still a lot of quality PC…

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation Phoenix Now Live


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have spoken, and their eight favorite fan-made maps are now ready for terrorists and counter-terrorists alike…

Counter-Strike Gets its First Fully Automatic Pistol


Thanks to player feedback and a new update from Valve, the AUG should no longer be OP. But now Counter-Strike:…

Changing CS:GO Gameplay With Underhand Grenade Throws

CSGO Terrorist 140x

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive received a sizable update this week, most notably the addition of unlockable stickers (no doubt to further…

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Adds Customization Stickers


Valve wants to add to your sticker book. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets a major update today, opening the Overpass and…

Payday 2 “Charlie Santa Heist” Holiday DLC Out Now

Payday 2 Holiday DLC 140x

Payday 2 players have some new DLC in their stockings this week. The Charlie Santa Heist brings a whole sack…

Link Your Twitch & CS:GO Profiles, Get Free Stuff From Valve

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Logo 140x

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have a chance to win some free stuff from Valve during Dreamhack Winter 2013 later this…

McDonald’s To Have Burger Named After CS Team Next Week

counter-strike burger thumb

Beginning October 29, people who are in Sweden will be able to go to a McDonald’s and buy a new…

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Adds WATCH Menu & GOTV Theater

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Logo 140x

  Valve wants Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be an eSports juggernaut like DOTA 2, and today’s game update puts the…

Valve Pays Counter Strike Mappers $180k During Operation Payback

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Logo 140x

Valve is shelling out serious cash to CSGO mapmakers.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Update Adds Weapon Skins


Welcome to the arms race.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Hostage Mode Revamped


The game’s hostage rescue mode has been completely reworked.

Playstation Gamers’ Choice Awards Nominees are Live – Go Vote!

journey thumb

Who’s expecting a ton of Journey wins? Oh, right — everyone.

Grab Dishonored, Darksiders 2 and More During Steam Holiday Sale

dishonored 2 thumb

Take advantage of holiday deals.

F2P Shooter Arctic Combat Borrows Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 Map

arctic combat sand storm thumb

It’s a pretty faithful recreation.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review


Is CS: GO just CS: HD? Does it matter?

Guess What — Counter Strike: Global Offensive is Getting Zombies

counter strike global offensive zombies thumb

All shooters must have zombies, by order of the king!

10 Awesome PC Games Still Coming in 2012


What games do you have to look forward to throughout the rest of the year?

You Can Pre-Order Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam

counter strike beta thumb

Grab it for a 10 percent discount.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Will Run You $15

counter strike beta thumb

We’ve got the release date, too.

Game Front’s Updated 2012 Preview Calendar


Keep track of what gamers can look forward to for the rest of the year.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta with James and Mitch (VIDEO)

counter strike beta thumb

James and Mitch play CS:GO and you can watch, which is only slightly less good than actually playing.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta with James and Mitch (VIDEO)

counter strike beta thumb 220

James and Mitch play CS:GO and you can watch, which is only slightly less good than actually playing.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Giving More Beta Keys Away in a Survey


Write words, shoot terrorists. Easy deal.

Valve Tosses Half-Life Jokes into Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PICS)

counter strike half life thumb

Valve likes to goof on us, and itself.

Looking Ahead: Gaming In 2012 (Q1)


Our fevered look at the games we’ll be playing in the new year.

Get Excited: The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta is On (VIDEO)

counter strike global offensive thumb

Get a load of what CS: GO will be like, kind of.

Steam Database Hacked, Credit Card Information Accessed


Investigation ongoing. Gabe Newell claims there is “no evidence of credit card misuse.”

Valve Delays Closed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta


So sad for you maybe.

New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Screen Shots and Game Modes


Oh, screenshots.

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