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Talos Principle: Planet of the Apes – Lady Liberty Easter Egg


They blew it up. Again.

Talos Principle: Alternate Purple Door Sound – “Hello” Location


Stumble through a very odd secret in The Talos Principle.

The Talos Principle: ‘Nexus’ Puzzle – Connect the Dots Easter Egg


One of the most cryptically easy puzzles in The Talos Principle has been “solved.” Stuck in the hidden Star room…

The Talos Principle Traps Pirates in an Elevator


Croteam has taken an interesting approach to punishing those who pirate The Talos Principle: trapping them in an in-game elevator….

GameFront’s Game of the Year 2014


It’s that time of year again – the time when we hand out our Game of the Year award. This…

Mitch’s Top 5 Games of 2014

Game of the Year

Editor’s Note: All this week, we’ll be featuring the top 5 games of 2014 from each of our individual staffers,…

The Talos Principle: How to Unlock the Jetpack [Easter Egg Guide]


Jump into the sky with an awesome jetpack in one of the best Easter eggs of The Talos Principle so far.

The Talos Principle: Aperture Labs & Wheatley – Portal Easter Eggs


He’s in space!

The Talos Principle: All Star Locations [Video Guide]


Unlock secret puzzles and other bonuses with our star locations video guide.

The Talos Principle: Easter Eggs & References Guide


Uncover rich CEOs, Minecraft swords, Portal references, Star Wars carbonite, and so much more with our list of Easter eggs and references hidden away in The Talos Principle.

The Talos Principle: Serious Sam Gnaar Statue Parts Easter Egg


Get a literal blast from the past with this complicated but cool Easter egg hidden away in The Talos Principle.

The Talos Principle Review: (Meta)Physics Puzzler

talos principle review thumb

The Talos Principle is a game about puzzles. The Talos Principle is a game about the meaning of life. The…

The Talos Principle Cheats


Uncover some of the secrets behind Croteam’s enigmatic The Talos Principle right here on the cheats list.

The Talos Principle Walkthrough


Solve every tricky chamber with our Talos Principle video walkthrough.

The Talos Principle Preview: Existential Crises

talos principle puzzles thumb

Just what, exactly, are you? It’s a heavy existential question for a video game, of all things, to pose to…

The Talos Principle: Croteam Has The Most Chill E3 Demo


A funny thing happened on the way to Serious Sam 4. The folks at Croteam were trying to figure out…

Indie Royale Offers Six Games for $6 for Valentine’s Day

serious sam bfe thumb

Get games for cheap this weekend.

Serious Sam 3: BFE Gets a Massive Discount, Mac Support

serious sam 3

Seriously, it’s like 66 percent off. Jump on that.

Serious Sam 3 Mod Would Let You Play as a Headless Kamikaze (VIDEO)

serious sam 3 headless kamikaze

Blow yourself up! It’s fun!

Do You Want To Be Santa In Serious Sam: BFE?


Ho ho ho and so as you continue to flow.

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter – Official Gameplay Video


This is serious y’all! Seriously incredible, I mean.

Watch Serious Sam 3: BFE Help Line with Rich Knuckles – Episode Two


A serious attempt at a seriously old school kind of FPS.

Serious Editor 3 Beta Is Available


Serious Sam fans need to pay attention: Here’s your chance to end up in Serious Sam 3.

Croteam Talks Serious Sam HD Remake and Sequel

Serious Sam is one of the most insane FPS games I think I’ve ever played, second only to the highly…

The Open File: Files from the Front October 26, 2007

Its been a few weeks since we had an Open File installment but things are still happening on the many…

New Shots Show Off Serious Engine 3 From Croteam

Well, if you’re a fan of the Serious Sam series, I have even more good news for you. You’ll remember…

Serious Sam 3 On the Way?

It’s being reported that Croteam, the Croatian developer of the Serious Sam series, has said it is working on Serious…