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The CryEngine is Now Available on Steam


Crytek, not to be outdone by Epic’s UnrealEngine release, has released their CryEngine development suite on Steam. Buyers will be…

Crytek Making CryEngine a Cheap Subscription Service, Too


Two major talking points out of GDC thus far: virtual reality is coming, and the cost of game development is…

Crytek Adding Native Linux Support to CryEngine


Score one for Valve in its effort to bring Linux-based gaming to the masses. Crytek has announced full native Linux…

CryEngine 3 Dinosaur Game Tech Demo Released


Dinosaurs will become the new zombies.

Cinebox Video Shows How Crytek Made Warface Trailer

warface thumb

Movie-making tools!

Mod Brings Minecraft into Crysis For Some Reason

crysis minecraft thumb

Create Minecraft-like stuff, now with CryEngine.

Take A Close Look At The US Army’s Dismounted Soldier Training System


An amazing shooter you’ll have to enlist in order to play.