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Scourge Warlock Class Coming To Neverwinter


The upcoming fourth module for Neverwinter Online, “Tyranny of Dragons” will include a new class, the Scourge Warlock. The Scourge…

Star Trek Online Turns Four, Celebrates 3.2M Captains


More than 3.2 million captains are boldly going where no one has gone before. Star Trek Online is celebrating four…

Neverwinter Review: Hefting The Axe


Neverwinter hits orcs in the face with axes. Can It maintain interest through that alone?

Neverwinter Beta Impressions: A Strong Start


Neverwinter shows a surprising amount of competence, vaulting it to the highest tiers of quality

Cryptic CEO Talks Neverwinter, MMOs, and More


Cryptic’s Jack Emmert gives us the inside scoop on Neverwinter.

Star Trek Online Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary With Free Ships


Three years of open-world trekkin’.

Neverwinter Developers Working to Be True to Stories

neverwinter 2 thumb

There’s a lot of lore surrounding Neverwinter, and you can expect Perfect World’s MMO to respect it.

Cryptic Studios Spills Details On Security Breach


IMPORTANT. In other words, read.

PSA: Possible User Account Breaches At Cryptic Studios


Details inside.

Cryptic Drops New Trailer for MMO Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter (TRAILER)

neverwinter thumb

More stuff on Cryptic’s free-to-play title at PAX East 2012.

Atari Kicks Off Star Trek Online Anniversary Sale


Lifetime subs are discounted for the next few weeks for STO and Champions.

Champions Online goes Free to All on January 25th 2011


Developer claims Superhero MMO doing so well in Beta it’ll see release early in it’s promised windows.