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Crytek Says “Next-Gen” Still No Where Near as Powerful as PC


Crytek’s Nicolas Schulz and Theodor Mader admitted at this year’s SIGGRAPH that high-end PCs were far more powerful than the…

GF Podcast 35: Sony vs. EA Access, Crytek Sells Homefront


Sony doesn’t think Electronic Arts’ subscription plan is a good value; Crytek sells Homefront to Deep Silver; was Destiny’s beta kinda boring?

Crysis 3 in Beautiful 8K Glory


A resolution hack allows Crysis 3 to go all the way to the staggering size of 8000×3333. You think those…

The Politics and Intrigue of Ryse: Son of Rome Unveiled


Ryse: Son of Rome tells of a story about one Marius Titus, a man with a thirst for revenge. He…

Ryse: Son of Rome E3 Preview: Et Tu, QTE?


“This is Sparta!” your way across Britannia in Crytek’s upcoming Roman-age combat title for the Xbox One.

Crysis 3: PC Developer Console Commands


Playing around in the dev console is half the fun—a small, but not insignificant part of the fun, in any case.

Crytek Opens New Studio Filled With Darksiders Devs

darksiders 2 3 thumb

The new studio will be known as Crytek USA Corp., with one of Vigil’s co-founders serving as CEO.

THQ Sells Studios, South Park, Homefront 2, Metro 2 for $72M

south park thumb

Here are the prices THQ’s assets are fetching.

Crysis 3 Mutliplayer Beta Starts Jan. 29, And Here’s a Trailer

crysis 3 1 thumb

It’ll be open to everyone!

Check Out the Second Part of Crysis 3′s ‘Fields’ Trailer

crysis 3 1 thumb

More of yesterday’s alpha gameplay trailer.

See Crysis 3′s in Action in Alpha Gameplay Trailer ‘The Fields’

crysis 3 thumb

Time to see some guys get shot in Crysis 3.

StarCry Mod Brings Sci-Fi References to Crysis

starcry thumb

It even includes the Stargate staff weapons!

People Say Nice Things About Crysis 3 In This Trailer

crysis 3 thumb

Lookin’ spiffy.

Cinebox Video Shows How Crytek Made Warface Trailer

warface thumb

Movie-making tools!

Crysis Producer: Dual Screen Tech ‘A Novelty’


He’s probably right.

Sorry Guys, Crytek Says No Timesplitters 4

converted PNM file


Crysis Mod Triptych Brings a Lovecraftian Story

crysis mod triptych thumb

Oooo, horror.

Crytek Going After Casual Gaming With New Gface Platform

gface thumb

It’s weird, but also seems as though it could be cool.

Mod Brings Minecraft into Crysis For Some Reason

crysis minecraft thumb

Create Minecraft-like stuff, now with CryEngine.

Free CryEngine 3 SDK Passes 100K Download Mark


Surprisingly, the CryEngine has nothing to do with the Wahhhmbulance.

You Are the Sword that Brutally Kills the Enemies of Rome in Ryse (TRAILER)

ryse thumb

Ancient Rome was a rough place, as the dog in this trailer will surely tell you.

Crysis 2 Review

crysis 2 thumb

Crysis 2 is really, really great to look at, no matter what platform you’re using. It’s just not really all that interesting to actually play.

Two Maps, Game Modes in Crysis 2′s PC Multiplayer Demo

crysis 2 thumb

New details about the PC multiplayer demo dropping on March 1.