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Deep Silver Buys Homefront IP from Crytek, Founds New Studio


Deep Silver has purchased the rights to the Homefront IP from Crytek, and will form a new studio to continue…

Rumor: Crytek UK Staff Not Working, Homefront in Question


Rumors have been swirling about the financial issues at Crytek, but today’s may be the most damning yet. Sources inside…

The CryEngine is Now Available on Steam


Crytek, not to be outdone by Epic’s UnrealEngine release, has released their CryEngine development suite on Steam. Buyers will be…

Crytek Revives Jack the Ripper in Arena of Fate

Arena of Fate

Crytek has announced a new online multiplayer game starring famous characters from fairy-tales and legends. The game, which will be…

Crysis 3 in Beautiful 8K Glory


A resolution hack allows Crysis 3 to go all the way to the staggering size of 8000×3333. You think those…

Crytek Making CryEngine a Cheap Subscription Service, Too


Two major talking points out of GDC thus far: virtual reality is coming, and the cost of game development is…

Crytek Adding Native Linux Support to CryEngine


Score one for Valve in its effort to bring Linux-based gaming to the masses. Crytek has announced full native Linux…

Ryse: Son of Rome Getting New DLC, Price Cut


Horde mode is coming to Ryse: Son of Rome. In a post on the Xbox Wire, Microsoft and Crytek announced…

Ryse: Son of Rome Review – A Quick Rise, Then A Long Fall


Repetitive combat is an huge and ugly blemish on an otherwise beautiful showcase of the Xbox One’s capabilities

Xbox One Launch Lineup Preview: Potential, Little Substance


After sampling the Xbox One’s launch lineup, there are a few standout titles to be excited about, but in typical launch fashion, this one is best enjoyed by super-fans and early adopters.

Ryse: Son of Rome Hands-On Preview – When in Rome, Fight Like Batman


Crytek’s classical brawler delivers swords, sandals, and brutal executions.

Lock and Load: Crytek’s Warface Now Live


Show me your war face. Ha! That’s it? Are you sure that’s not your constipated face? While you work on…

Put on Your Warface, FTP Shooter Launches Next Week


Fact: war fighters need to wear their war face when they’re engaging in modern warfare. Just so you know. You’ll…

The Politics and Intrigue of Ryse: Son of Rome Unveiled


Ryse: Son of Rome tells of a story about one Marius Titus, a man with a thirst for revenge. He…

Ryse: Son of Rome E3 Preview: Et Tu, QTE?


“This is Sparta!” your way across Britannia in Crytek’s upcoming Roman-age combat title for the Xbox One.

Crysis 3 PC Review: The New Bow


Crytek’s new shooter under the gun.

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta Report: Speed Thrills


Early impressions of Crytek’s marquee shooter.

‘Perfect Weapon’ is the Fifth of Crysis 3′s ’7 Wonders’ Trailers

crysis 3 thumb

More video of the Nanosuit in action in Crysis 3.

Crytek Opens New Studio Filled With Darksiders Devs

darksiders 2 3 thumb

The new studio will be known as Crytek USA Corp., with one of Vigil’s co-founders serving as CEO.

Nvidia Releases New 313.95 Beta Drivers Ahead of Crysis 3 Beta


The Crysis 3 open beta starts tomorrow, and Nvidia has some fresh new drivers to go along with it. Posted…

See Crysis 3′s in Action in Alpha Gameplay Trailer ‘The Fields’

crysis 3 thumb

Time to see some guys get shot in Crysis 3.

The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 – Episode 1: “Hell of a Town”



How To Build A PC For Crysis 3

crysis 3 thumb

Heck yeah, it runs Crysis!

In the Long Grass: Hands-on With Crysis 3


How is the Crytek shooter shaping up ahead of its Q1 release?

Crytek-Approved Timesplitters Mod Starts Production

converted PNM file

Everyone, hi fives are over here.

Crysis 3 Release Date Announced


Prophet is coming.

Ex Lucasarts Source Says SWBF3 99% Claims ‘Bullsh*t’


Cat fight!

Ouch, Battlefront 3 Was 99% Done When Cancelled


It’s not easy seeing your project trashed at the last minute.

See Some Crysis 3 Single Player Gameplay in Action

crysis 3 thumb

Prophet greases some dudes.

Check Out The Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Preorder Bonuses


Watch below.

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