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Daily Independent: Tough Shooter Astro Tripper is Surprisingly Hypnotic

astro tripper di thumb

There’s something soothing about this $10 shmup and the frequent death it deals.

Daily Independent: Weird Arcade Shooter Xotic is All About High Scores


Modern shooter fans might balk, but fans of the older school of arcade FPS should get a kick out of this one.

Daily Independent: OIO Rules. Period.


Cute, fun, challenging and cheap, you almost can’t ask for more from a game.

Daily Independent: It Belongs in an Ancient Ruin


Check out this Indy Indie.

Daily Independent: SpaceChem Delivers Sublime Pseudoscience


Don’t mind me. I’m making molecules.

Daily Independent: Speed Through a Cubic World in EDGE

edge 1 di thumb

Simplicity and logic reign supreme.

Daily Independent: Dungeons of Dredmor


It is hilarious, and surprisingly engaging for what is essentially a ‘roided-out phone game.

Daily Independent: Atomic City Adventures — The Case of the Black Dragon


Fire up your hoverbike!

Daily Independent: Ready Your Towers in Genre-Mixing RTS Revenge of the Titans

revenge of the titans di thumb

As always, Earth needs your protection, so use your resources wisely and limber up your clicking finger.

Daily Independent: Dead Horde Offers Zombie Romp


A “romp” is actually the official word for a group of zombies. Like a “murder” of crows.

Daily Independent: Death and the Fly Worse Than Death, Flies


Maybe not *actually* worse than death.

Daily Independent: Pay What You Want for Minimalist Beauty in Fotonica

fotonica 1 di thumb

It’s a little bit Mirror’s Edge, but also a little bit Rez and a little bit Virtual Boy. But it’s all fun.

Daily Independent: Crayon Physics Deluxe


The final level “HOMR,” requires you to stick a crayon up your nose and become a genius.

Daily Independent: Explore a Weirdo Dimension in VVVVVV

vvvvvv 1 thumb

Defy gravity on the cheap by grabbing VVVVVV as part of the Humble Indie Bundle No. 3.

Daily Independent: Cthulhu is the Lord of Humor in Cthulhu Saves the World

cthulu id thumb

Onward to heroism!

Daily Independent: Alpha Polaris Gets Spooky in Greenland


Ironically, Greenland isn’t green. It’s covered with ice!

Daily Independent: In Which You Blast Betentacled Martians in Bullet Hell Shooter Jamestown

jamestown id thumb

Four-player cooperative shmup gameplay. Martians allied with Spain, at war with England. Sounds awesome because it is.

Daily Independent: Some Smart Puzzle Platforming to Be Had in BEEP

beep 3 daily ind thumb

Imagine Mario with Gordon Freeman’s brain. But with robots.

The Daily Independent: Blow Your Eyes’ Minds With Really Big Sky


Get ready to feel like 24 hours at the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Daily Independent: Get Your 8-Bit Metroidvania on in Celestial Mechanica

celestial mechanica thumb

The price is right for this quick romp through 8-bit platforming adventure.

Daily Independent: Grab 3 Friends for FPS/Tower Defense in Sanctum

sanctum 1 thumb

A solid game anyway, Sanctum is available on Steam today for $5, and you shouldn’t miss it at that price.

Daily Independent: Tough 2-D Platformer Mechanic Infantry is a Frustrating Good Time

mechanic infantry 2 thumb

If you like your old-school platformers challenging (read: killing you A LOT) and super-cheap, check out this one.