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War Stories: How Medal of Honor and Others Get It Wrong


The phony “authenticity” of Modern Military Shooters.

Navy SEALs Punished For Advising on Medal of Honor: Warfighter


Classified information disclosed to Danger Close, according to CBS.

So, Where’s The Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Review?

medal of honor warfighter thumb

There’s a reason for that.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Will Include At Least 1 Car Chase (VID)

medal of honor warfighter thumb

And here’s a big long trailer of it.

Check Out Warfighter SEAL Team 6 Combat Training


Bang bang bang.

Get Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Receive Battlefield 4 Beta Access

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But you’ll have at least another year of DICE supporting Battlefield 3 in the meantime.

What Being at E3 Is Actually Like


Short version: “weird.”

Check Out Our Medal Of Honor Warfighter Interview With Kristoffer Bergqvist – He Likes the Spec-Op Class


Mr. Bergqvist claims that there are at least as many class options as unnecessary consonants in his name.

GDC 2012 — Medal of Honor: Warfighter Demo


Danger Close gets its war on.

Watch The Medal Of Honor Warfighter Teaser (VIDEO)


Two years after rebooting the Medal of Honor series, EA’s Danger Close games has formally announced the follow up, Medal…

Details Emerge on Medal of Honor: Warfighter — Will Use Frostbite Engine 2.0

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It’s the first info on the next Medal of Honor title.