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Sony Gamescom 2014 Press Conference Recap


Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s press conference, Sony has finished up their showcase at Gamescom. Despite a few streaming…

DayZ And Arma 2 To Support Steam Matchmaking


GameSpy’s closure was hugely disappointing to a great many gamers, not because they still flocked to the service in droves…

DayZ Sells 2 Million in Six Months


DayZ has sold more than 2 million units since its standalone release. This new sales reveal came via game designer…

SOE Pres Admits Similarity Between H1Z1 And DayZ


Over on the self touted internet forum, Reddit, SOE President John Smedley didn’t hold back when answering questions about H1Z1,…

DayZ’s Dean Hall to Leave Bohemia, Start Own Studio


Standalone DayZ is still in alpha, but creator Dean Hall is already planning his next move: a start-up studio in…

Safe to Survive: Patches Greatly Improve DayZ Early Access


I’ve read somewhere that the victim of a well-aimed sniper round is dead before they hear the gunshot. Evidently, the…

Game Front’s Early Access Review Policy: Yes, We Have One


The rise of “Early Access” — games released in unfinished states during their development, which players can purchase, play and…

Early Inaccess: The Case for Not Buying DayZ Just Yet


One million people have given Bohemia Interactive $30 for the right to play an early alpha version of standalone DayZ….

Steam Up To 75 Million Users


Last week at CES, somebody asked Gabe Newell about Steam Machines competing with the new consoles, which had historically spectacular…

DayZ Tops a Million Sold in First Month


Thank you! – Four weeks after the release, #DayZ just passed one million sales. — Maruk (@maruksp) January 13,…

Bohemia: DayZ to Remain in Alpha Through the End of 2014


Early access DayZ is filled with more bugs, glitches, and problems than zombies. And it appears it will be in…

DayZ Hit $12 Million in Sales First Week, Remains Steam’s Top Seller


Last we heard from Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel, the early access version of standalone DayZ had sold more than…

Early Access Could Encourage Developers to Exploit Players

early access thumb

Early Access is a cool idea that allows games that might not otherwise be to exist — but it also opens the door for developers to take advantage of players.

Standalone DayZ Rings Up $5 Million in Sales in 24 Hours


Here I thought that maybe gamers had moved on from the zombie survival sim experience known as DayZ. Not so…

Standalone DayZ Is Now On Steam Early Access

DayZ Logo 140x

The standalone version of DayZ, the ArmA II mod-turned-worldwide zombie shooter phenomenon, is now available via Steam Early Access. Anyone…

DayZ Standalone Early Access Coming Soon


Holiday season 2012. That’s when we originally thought we’d get to check out the new standalone version of DayZ, at…

Choppy 10 Mins. of DayZ Gameplay


How is Dean “Rocket” Hall’s DayZ standalone shaping up? See for yourself. Hall has posted nearly 10 minutes of DayZ…

DayZ Early Access Pops Up in Steam Database


The Escapist, in perusing the Steam database, found an Early Access listing for the standalone edition of survival mod DayZ,…

DayZ Devblog Explains Why The Game Isn’t Ready Yet


It’ll be done when it’s done.

No Alpha Release in Sight for DayZ Standalone


The game will be done when it’s done.

DayZ Creator Slams Microsoft for Indie-Unfriendly Practices


Dean Hall is unhappy with the way Microsoft treats indie developers.

DayZ Will Come To Consoles, Says Dean Hall


Although the game remains exclusive to the PC for now, it will eventually head to consoles.

DayZ Standalone Will Get New Content On A Weekly Basis


Dean “Rocket” Hall intends for new content to be released for the DayZ standalone every week.

DayZ Standalone Dev Update – Comparison Screenshots


New server architecture means a big “screw you” to cheaters.

DayZ’s Dean Hall ‘Very Angry’ About The War Z

dayz-gallery-photo_p3 thumb

The situation surrounding The War Z continues to take a toll on the creator of DayZ.

DayZ Standalone Update: Closed Test to Release “Imminently”


Delays caused by engine redevelopment and imprisonment.

Mod of The Year 2012


Find out what mods rocked 2012.

Heh. DayZ’s Creator Has Only Ever Killed 1 Player



DayZ Bounty Will Pay Real World Money


Damn, son.