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Dead Island Tries Survival Horror With Escape Dead Island

Escape Dead Island Thumb

Deep Silver Reveals New MOBA, Dead Island Epidemic


Riot Games recently revealed that 27 million people play League of Legends… every day. With eye-popping numbers like that, it’s…

Pay What You Want For Deep Silver’s Games in Humble Bundle


Deep Silver and Humble Bundle team up for charity.

Video Game Violence: The Sad, Limiting Standard


All our biggest games revolve around committing violence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dead Island: Riptide Gets a Release Date, Box Art

dead island riptide box art thumb

We’re getting more zombies in April.

Dead Island: Riptide Trailer Again Portrays a Tragic Zombie Story

dead island riptide thumb

Fool me once….

Take A Look At Dead Island Studio’s ‘Project Hell’


What is it?

Dead Island: Riptide Announced

dead island riptide featured

It’s a thing that’s happening. That’s about all we know.

Dead Island is Getting a Game of the Year Edition for Some Reason

dead island 8 thumb

It’ll include DLC and is coming out this summer.

Deep Silver Puts Down Dead Island 2 Rumors


Dead in the water.

Today Is Video Game Lightning Deal Day At Amazon

dead island 10

That’s always a good day.

New Dead Island DLC Will Star A Villain

ryder white

You’ll find out why an asshole became an asshole.

Various Publishers Are Demanding Pirates Pay Up


As if that would work.

PSA: Sick PC Deals on Amazon RIGHT NOW

FEMA thub

Buy some gifts for your gamer buddies. Or just buy stuff for yourself.

Your Ultimate Black Friday Video Games Deals List

black friday

It’s gonna be an all-timer here.

Dead Island’s Bloodbath Arena Launching Next Week


If you’re inclined to play more Dead Island, anyway.

Phil vs. Phil: Should Zombie Games Be Shot in the Head Already?

black ops rezurrection moon

Lets talk about it.

Dead Island DLC is — Wait for It — Delayed

dead island 10 thumb

And no one is surprised.

Lionsgate Picks up Dead Island Movie Rights


A movie?!?!?!?!

Aftershock: What Dead Island and Smoking Have in Common

dead island tragedy

It’s not a good thing!

Dead Island Easy XP Thug Glitch


Cheat the system and you’ll be rolling in easy XP.

Dead Island Duplicate Items Glitch


Get a free pile of weapons with this simple glitch.

Dead Island Easter Egg – Jason Voorhees Discovered!


Jason Goes to Hell… but it was full. So now he’s a zombie. For real.

Walkthrough Weekend: Gears of War 3, Dead Island, Resistance 3 and More!


So many games! Join Game Front on a journey through the biggest games of September.

We’ve Got the Hilarious Dead Island “Fist of the Dead” Mod



Dead Island and The Game We All Wanted To Play That Never Existed

dead island girl dad thumb

Looking back, the Dead Island trailer for a game that never was is still a game I’d like to play.

Dead Island Skull Locations


Discover the uber-secret Skulls and reap unique rewards.

Dead Island Blueprint Locations


Find your inner Macgyver with these makeshift tools of zombie destruction.

Re-Dubz Pillories the Dead Island “Feminist Wh**e” Controversy


If only Dead Island were as fun to actually play as it is to talk about.

Hey GameFronters, What Are You playing This Weekend?


Head over to our Facebook page and weigh in!

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