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Techland Catching Flak for Offensive ‘Feminist Whore’ Ability in Dead Island Code

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This is what happens when you release the wrong version of your game.

2011 Fall AAA Games Preview


There are a lot of games.

Dead Island PC Version Is Actually an Xbox 360 Dev Kit


Some heads are gonna roll!

Dead Island Gets an Island Map App

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Extremely helpful for navigating this insanely huge game.

Dead Island Getting a Big Day One Patch

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A lot of bugs get fixed at launch.

Dead Island Review

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Like fetch quests? Like escort missions? Then it’s your lucky day!

You Can Read The Dead Island Comic Free Right Now

dead island 12

Assuming you can use the internet.

Dead Island Cheats


Zombies just want to ruin your vacation.

Dead Island Trophies


Prepare your zombie repellent.

Zombie Apocalypse Imminent: New Dead Island Trailer

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Less than a week away!

Here Are Three Tracks from the Dead Island Soundtrack

dead island 11

Very emo.

Dead Island Goes Gold, Drops Trailer About A Little Help From Friends

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Nothing standing between us and a horde of zombies on Sept. 6.

Dead Island Achievements


When Hell is full the dead will walk the island.

Dead Island Hands-On Preview: The First Hour (Twice)

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We burn through as much Dead Island as we can fit in an hour and get some insights into its characters, story and RPG elements.

Dead Island Getting Novelization


Because books about zombies are soooooooo cool.

You Will Be Able to Play Four Square Enix Games, Including Dead Island, At Comic-Con


Dead Island!

Dead Island 2nd Preorder Bonus on Amazon


Preorder Dead Island on Amazon and get a free art book.

E3 2011 – 5 Harrowing Minutes Surrounded by Dead Island’s Zombies (Hands-On)

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Dead Island’s constant onslaught of zombies makes even its short E3 demo pretty intense.

E3 2011: Dead Island Interview With Developer Sebastian Reichert


Get the scoop on Deep Silver’s upcoming tropical-paradise-overrun-by-zombies game here.

Dead Island E3 Trailer (and screens!)

Dead Island Logo black

Dead dead dead dead dead

Watch And Love 11 Minutes Of Dead Island Footage (Video)


Guaranteed to wash the taste of Dead Rising out of your mouth.

Dead Island “Tragedy Hits Paradise” Teaser

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Prepare for extreme emotional pandering.

Dead Island Isn’t Getting a Movie, But is Shopping the Idea Around

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Techland sets the record straight — there is no movie and no one owns the rights right now.

Dead Island Trailer Parodies


The internet has been hard at work developing this emerging meme.

Rage, Dead Island, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Shogun 2 videos and lots more!


Get a list of today’s new videos including: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, de Blob 2 and the list goes on.

Don’t Go to Dead Island — Zombies Will Ruin Your Vacation and Kill Your Children

zombie bullshit

Watch it happen in the new trailer.

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