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Dead Space 3: Unlockable New Game Plus Modes


Go retro and unlock modes that disable co-op or restrain your ammo supply with these unlockable New Game+ options.

Dead Space 3: Peng Location Guide


We still don’t know what Peng is, but finding it will earn you cash and a secret achievement. Get the location right here.

Game Front Update: New YouTube Channel, New Android App!

game front update 2 thumb

New stuff is on the horizon!

Dead Space 3 Walkthrough


End the Necromorph menace once and for all with our step-by-step guide.

Dead Space 3 Cheats


Get the hidden goods for this third necrotic nightmare.

Dead Space 3′s Microtransactions Set A Dangerous Precedent


Charging us for cheat codes?

Latest Trailer Gives a Few Hints About Dead Space 3′s Story

dead space 3 co-op thumb

Here’s some very vague information about what goes on in Dead Space 3.

Dumb Things Fanboys Say: ‘Companies Exist to Make Money’


That doesn’t mean we have to like the way they do it

Dead Space 3 Includes 4 Unlockable Modes, Including ‘Classic’

dead space 3 limited edition suits thumb

These unlockable modes are going to bring the scary, says Visceral.

Dead Space 3 Executive Producer Defends PC Port


Points to mouse and keyboard controls.

Dead Space 3 Trailer Has Your Daily Allowance of Phil Collins

dead space 3 snow thumb

We’re a little more than a week out from the launch of Dead Space 3, and that means another new…

Dead Space 3 Microtransactions: Players Need ‘Instant Gratification’


Visceral Games attempts to rationalize the microtransactions in Dead Space 3.

Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions: Hope the Game is Scarier

dead space 3 snow thumb

We pick apart the Dead Space 3 demo and find some good, and some not-so good.

Dead Space 3 on PC to Be A Straight Console Port


No additional features.

Dead Space 3 Includes Microtransactions to Buy Weapons


But you won’t be able to immediately buy the best weapon.

Surviving the Unknown is Its Own Kind of Horror

don't starve horrorscope thumb

The “horror” in survival-horror isn’t about blood and monsters, but about the “survival” part.

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition Announced


Bundled with the CE or not.

Meh To The Dead Space 3 Kinect Trailer

dead space 3 co-op thumb


Dead Space 3 Kinect Will Reward You For Cursing at Your TV

dead space 3 co-op thumb

Certain words will trigger hidden commands.

Dead Space 3 Demo Coming January 22

dead space 3 space thhumb

Scared yet?

Catch Up on Dead Space 3′s Story With This Trailer (SPOILERS)

dead space 3 space thhumb

Catch up on the Dead Space story before next month’s Dead Space 3 release.

Dead Space 3 Achievements


Peng returns, and other secrets revealed in these uncovered achievements.

Pre-order Dead Space 3 from GameStop, Get This Gun (TRAILER)

dead space 3 limited edition suits thumb

Want a trailer for a digital gun you can unlock by pre-ordering Dead Space 3? Well, good news!

Dead Space 3 Exclusive Weapon Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed


From GameStop and Amazon.

Trailer Shows Off Dead Space 3 Limited Edition In-Game Bonuses

dead space 3 limited edition suits thumb

See the special suits and guns in action.

Is Visceral Games Making A MOBA Game?

dead space 3 space thhumb


Watch 17 Minutes of Dead Space 3, With Commentary

dead space 3 space thhumb

This may waylay your fears of co-op ruining Dead Space 3.

Friday Flame War: EA’s Multiplayer Focus — Yay or Nay?

Is EA killing all games or pushing games to be more than they are? Weigh in!

Actually, EA’s Multiplayer-only Policy Could Be a Good Thing

dead space 3 isaac carver thumb

Let EA abandon single-player experiences — someone else will rise to take up the mantel, and specialization is good.

Dead Space 3 Gets a Release Date: February 2013

dead space 3 space thhumb

Also some pre-order bonus details for its Limited Edition.

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