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Dead Space 3 Adding Weapon Crafting, Announces Contest


Get your necromorph killing tool into Dead Space 3.

Greed Space: Why Not Every Game Needs to Be a Huge Hit


Publishers, take heed.

EA Says Dead Space 3 Co-Op Will Make Players ‘More Comfortable’

dead space 3 isaac carver thumb

Does more comfortable equal less scary, though? Some think so.

EA Release 15 Minutes Of Dead Space 3 Gameplay Footage.


This isn’t really convincing.

Comment of the Week: Apocalypse By Electronic Arts

ea is evil thumb

Not everybody likes EA, as this commenter explains.

Dead Space 3 Will Feature ‘Optional Quests, Hidden Levels’

dead space 3 space thhumb

It’s not quite open world, but you’ll be able to explore and backtrack on Tau Volantis.

EA Claims They Don’t Want To “Piss Off” Fans With Dead Space 3


But they will.

Dead Space 3: Bigger, Faster, Dumber


We wish it weren’t so.

Dead Space 3 E3 Gameplay Demo – Too Many Bullets?

dead space 3 featured

Looks like Issac’s been hanging out with Marcus Fenix.

Dead Space 3 is Isaac’s (and Carver’s) Search for Ellie (TRAILER)

dead space 3 carver thumb

It’s cooperative! Hooray?

EA’s E3 2012 Press Conference: What We Thought


Are Crysis 3, SimCity and Dead Space 3 enough to please us?

Dead Space 3 E3 Demo Showed Off Action, Less Scares


Isaac is back, but it doesn’t look as scary.

Competitive Multiplayer Axed in Favor of Co-Op for Dead Space 3

dead space 3 isaac carver

And we all breathe a sigh of relief.

Check Out More Screens from Dead Space 3 (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

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Looks like the things we thought were true are true.

Dead Space 3 Logo, First Screenshot Ominously Debuts


Nothing is revealed.

Dead Space Short Intros New Character, Possibly for Dead Space 3

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Meet John Carver, a dude who shoots necromorphs.

Dead Space 3 Rumored to Include Co-op

dead space 2 thumb

Taking on survival horror with a friend — good thing or bad thing?

EA Confirms Dead Space 3, Need for Speed by March 2013

dead space 2 flight thumb

It’s official — EA is publishing sequels in successful franchises. I’ll alert the media…oh, wait.

Dead Space 3, Army of Two 3 Leaked via CV (RUMOR)


LinkedIn is becoming the #1 source for leaks.

Visceral Working On New Online Shooter



Rumor: Dead Space Getting an FPS and a Flying Game

Isaac from Dead Space dunking in NBA Jam

What the hell is this?

Isaac Clark will Be, Uh, ‘Different’ in Dead Space 3, Rumor Claims (SPOILER)

nba jam dead space 3 thumb

He has a new job — bringing the rock to the hole.

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