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Everybody Thinks Verizon is Announcing an iPhone Tuesday

iphone 4 thumb

I’m buying it: Verizon iPhone 4 announcement tomorrow, just in time for Dead Space to drop on iOS.

Dead Space iOS Game Will Launch Same Day as Dead Space 2

dead space ipad thumb

Dead Space’s iPhone/iPad outing has a release date. Now all we need is a price.

New Screens Make Dead Space on iPad Look Awesome

dead space ipad thumb

Details are a little thin, but the one thing we know for sure about Dead Space on iOS: it’s pretty.

If Game Marketing Used Negative Review Quotes


The most sexually confusing list we’ve made so far!

Dead Space 2 E3 Trailer Helpfully Removes Your Face


By all accounts so far, Dead Space 2 is one of the best titles being shown at E3, even going…

Dead Space 2 Out on January 25, 2011

Get pumped! The sequel to the 2008 horror classic Dead Space finally gets a release date, as announced at EA’s…

EA’s Spore SecuROM Targeted as Whole in New Class-Action Suit

Electronic Arts is being targeted by another class-action law suit over the DRM included with Spore, SecuROM. This time, California…

Game Critics Awards Announced: Fallout 3 Takes Best of Show

All the votes are tallied for the Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2008. Fallout 3 took two wins out…

Dead Space Coming to PC; Downloadable Content in the Works; Sequel Planned

EA told Eurogamer Germany that Dead Space is coming to the PC. Executive producer Glen Schofield also revealed that downloadable…

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