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Steam’s New Tag System Allows Abuse, Raises Concerns

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Valve’s new Steam Tags system lets users add whatever tags they want to games, including abusive ones.

Noteworthy: Game Music Bundle Offers Five Soundtracks for $1


Or get 10 albums for $10 — music to our ears!

Why The Stanley Parable Succeeds Where Dear Esther Fails


The human condition, and all that bollocks.

Dear Esther Review

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This first-person storytelling experiment is definitely worth checking out at a mere $10, but don’t expect it change your outlook on games.

Amnesia Follow-Up ‘A Machine For Pigs’ Gets Dear Esther Developer

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Hopefully it’s going to scare the hell out of all of us when A Machine For Pigs is released later this year.

Dear Esther Coming to Steam, Gets an Official Trailer

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Dear Esther: Added to radar.