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Walmart Cancels Destiny Ghost Edition Pre-Orders


Well, it seems those Ghost Editions really are limited as even superstore chain Walmart is having trouble fulfilling pre-orders. NeoGAF…

GF Podcast 34: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Yogsventures

borderlands presequel 2 thumb

The latest GameFront Podcast discusses our recent Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel preview, whatever the deal is with Yogsventures, Early Access on consoles, and more.

Destiny Beta Details Revealed in Leaked GameStop Letter


New details have emerged about the planned of the upcoming Destiny beta. According to a leaked letter to GameStop employees,…

Win a Destiny Beta Key Here!

Destiny Logo 140x

This contest is closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. Winners should be receiving your beta keys in email shortly. The…

Destiny Beta Starts Next Week


Today, Activision and Bungie have announced that beginning on July 17th (next Thursday) beta testing will begin on their upcoming…

Sony Details Destiny’s PlayStation Exclusive Content


The list of Destiny exclusive content for PlayStation owners has been announced. During last week’s Sony press conference, Adam Boyes…

Mitchell and James Take On Moon Wizards in the Destiny Alpha

destiny first look thumb

Mitchell and James take on Bungie’s new MMO shooter.

Destiny’s PS4 Alpha Receiving Extension to Test “Dangerous Experiments”


Bungie is extending the alpha of Destiny in order to test out new features. The announcement, which was made today…

Destiny E3 Gameplay Trailer Features PvE, PvP, and More


If the brief glimpse of Destiny from Sony’s E3 presser didn’t whet your appetite, Bungie’s got you covered. The former…

Sony Slams E3: Tons of Games, TV Features

uncharted 4 thumb 2

After a day of press conferences, Sony closed down E3 2014 Day Zero with a glut of games coming to…

GF Podcast 26: Unreal Tournament, Nintendo, Destiny’s Marketing Budget

unreal tournament podcast thumb

Nintendo’s same-sex relationship controversy, a new Unreal Tournament, Destiny’s enormous marketing budget and the delay of The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles are all on our mind this week. Listen up!

Activision to Spend $500 Million Promoting Destiny


Activision is going all-in on Destiny, with a $500 million marketing spend planned. During the Milken conference in Los Angeles…

Bungie Denies Destiny PlayStation Favoritism


Bungie wants to assure its fans on Xbox that it isn’t favoring the PS4 There affirmation of the company’s love…

Destiny Won’t Launch For PC and This Is Why


Bungie says that developing a PC version of Destiny is a “pretty complicated” process, and right now it’s got more…

Destiny Was Originally a Third-Person Game


Bungie art director Ryan Ellis told Game Informer that the studio’s upcoming co-op shooter Destiny had been built as a…

Dark Souls? Bungie Reveals Destiny’s Surprising RPG Influences


Something I didn’t expect to hear from one of the designers at Bungie about Destiny: “You will fail. You will…

Bungie’s Destiny Has An Official Release Date

Destiny Logo 140x

Bungie has made it official: Destiny is coming out on September 9th, 2014. From (emphasis added): Destiny has always represented…

CoD Is “Review-Proof,” May be Threatened by Titanfall, Destiny


I doubt it.

No Destiny PC Port Planned, Would Spread Bungie Too Thin


Le sigh.

New Destiny Video Explains Weapons, Modes, Characters and More


A brief understanding of everything there is to know in Destiny.

Behind The Scenes With Bungie’s Statue Construction for Destiny



Bungie Takes Stance Against Toxic Behavior in Destiny


Bungie will stamp out trolls.

Destiny Can Be Played Alone, Multiplayer Not Compulsory


Bungie’s Destiny will not force you to play the game with others.

Destiny May Offer Microtransactions


Will they nickel and dime gamers?

Destiny vs. Titanfall: We Put the Two Sci-Fi Shooters Head to Head


A side-by-side comparison of two forthcoming AAA sci-fi shooters, for your perusal.

Destiny Release On PC Remains A Possibility


There’s a chance that Destiny could be getting a PC release.

Destiny Looks Like Halo with a Mix of Borderlands 2


RPG and class elements and FPS combat similar to Halo can be found in Destiny.

Game Front Will Be at GDC 2013!


Battlefield 4 and much more!

Destiny Video from PlayStation 4 Reveal


But we’re still unhappy about it not releasing on PC.

Destiny To Appeal to Casual Gamers, Says Bungie


Bungie wants Destiny to appeal to players of all skill levels.

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