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Deus Ex Human Revolution Good Soul Achievement


Do the impossible – save your friend.

‘Eyeborg’ Documentary Runs Down Real-World Deus Ex: Human Revolution-Style Augmentations (VIDEO)

deus ex doc eye thumb

This is crazy interesting.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Patch Improves Loading Times

deus ex boss 2

God knows they needed some improvement.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hidden Praxis Kits


Upgrade your augments fast with these hidden Praxis Kits.

Eidos Montreal Explains Those Dumb Deus Ex: Human Revolution Boss Fights


They sure did need esplainin’.

10 Deus Ex Augmentations We Wish Existed

deus ex shirtless

These will be fun.

Everybody Gets a Free OnLive Game System at PAX


Holy cow.

Report: Wal-Mart Reducing Price of Xbox 360 4gb Kinect bundle


To $249.

OnLive Gets Parental Controls, Group Voice Chat

onlive app 1

I need this, because I have a lot of children.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Has Boss Battles. Problem?


I hate when games aren’t 100% everything I’ve ever dreamed of. WAH!

GameStop Pulling OnLive Codes from PC Versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (UPDATED)

gamestop thumb

The company admits taking out something you should receive from the package you paid for because it competes with its interests.

Deus Ex Developer Admits Game’s AI “Not Perfect”

deus ex 3 stair assault

But he still thinks it’s satisfying (and we think he’s right).

Get a Free OnLive Code with a PC Disc Purchase of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

deus ex 6 cover thumb

You can’t share saves between the versions, though. Bummer.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Launches Today with New Trailer

deus ex 6 cover thumb

This one is a pretty good primer for the story.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Achievement Guide


Deux Ex-hausted? Let us help you with those achievements.

Augment Your Style By Dressing Like Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Adam Jensen

deus ex belltower security thumb

Find out what they cost on Aug. 23.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution How-To Guides [Video]


Discover the little secrets hidden away in New Detroit.

Razer Will Remind You That PC Gaming Isn’t Dead On August 26

pc gaming is not dead

Whatever that means.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

dxhr melee thumb

A phenomenal experience in freedom, exploration and storytelling, DXHR is absolutely awesome.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Cheats


The God in the Machine won’t judge you.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trophies


I’ve heard of a Robot Revolution, but a Human Revolution?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough


The Human Revolution will not be televised… it will be played.

Everybody Who Pre-Orders Deus Ex: Human Revolution From Steam Gets Hats For Team Fortress 2

deus ex tf2 stuff

Also new guns.

Top 10 Best Deus Ex Mods


Can’t wait for Human Revolution? Dust off your old CD and try these mods.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Last-Minute Hands-On Preview

deus ex boss thumb

We played the first 10 hours of DXHR — here’s everything you want to know before the game’s release.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Joins The Ranks of Games That Get TV Spots

deus ex thumb

It’s a pretty interesting one!

Dev: Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PC ‘is the One You Should Play’

deus ex thumb

As if you needed to be told that.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Behind 2027: Audio Developer Diary (Video)


A brief yet meaty look into how Deus Ex: Human Revolution will sound.

Learn How To Talk To People In This DXHR Dev Diary

dxhr melee

Also learn how to hack.

The OnLive Playpack Gets a Good Bit More Desirable


If you’re into that kind of thing, anyway.

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