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This Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Explains About What It’s Like to Play The Game

deus ex 6 cover

In a marketing material kind of way.

Devs Say They Worked to Make Stealth as Fun as Combat in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (TRAILER)

deus ex 6 cover thumb

Our writers Mitchell Saltzman and Jordon Justice struggled with DXHR’s stealth emphasis at E3. Here’s hoping that’s been ironed out.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Goes Gold



This Is The True Deus Ex 3 (MEGA64 VIDEO)

deus ex 3

Some fake things are better than reality.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Purity First Propaganda Video

deus ex purity first

Augmentations bad!

You Will Be Able to Play Four Square Enix Games, Including Dead Island, At Comic-Con


Dead Island!

It’s a Conspiracy! in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (TRAILER)

FEMA thub

It’s not paranoia if they really are all out to get you.

This GameStop Deus Ex Pre-Order Bonus Seems Like It’s Worth Pursuing


Well, it’s a contest, rather than a real pre-order bonus.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Creators Talk About Building Its Cities (VIDEO)

FEMA thub

It takes a lot of world to build a video game world, especially one that’s supposed to feel 1.) real…

OnLive Sale Slices (Some) Prices By As Much As Half

onlive thumb

Add another one to the growing summer of sales.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s 2027 ‘Grounded in Contemporary Reality’ (VIDEO)

deus ex urban 1 thumb

This ain’t Robocop’s Detroit.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Achievements


Revolutionize your Gamerscore.

E3 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Show Floor Hands-On


A few minutes of show floor play, and what it did to high hopes for the game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s E3 Trailer is All Conspiratorial

deus ex urban 1 thumb

Time for some Adam Jensen futurey detective work.

OnLive Adds Deus Ex: Human Revolution with Lots of Preorder Freebies

deus ex onlive preorder thumb

This is kind of an awesome deal.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Sarif Industries Testimonial (Video)


You will love your corporate overlords. You WILL love your corporate overlords.

Square Enix Suffers ‘Extraordinary Loss,’ Cancellations Imminent

deus ex urban 1 thumb

Big losses mean some games will never see shelves.

Deus Ex Website Hacked, Square Confirms Customer Data Stolen


Another day, another hack.

Kill Guys With Your Awesome Robot Hands in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (SCREENS)

dxhr melee thumb

Some fresh Deus Ex screens within!

PC Deus Ex: Human Revolution Screens are Pretttyyy

deus ex thumb

See the multi-display capablities of the AMD Eyefinity for DXHR.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coming on Steam


Not only is it cheaper if you pre-order on Steam, the PC version also supports Eyefinity and AMD HD3D.

Deus Ex Devs Talk PC Exclusive Features


The folks at Eidos Montreal talk a little bit about how they’re making the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution stand on its on.

Take a Look at the Urban Environments in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

deus ex urban 1 thumb

See a few new bits of the Deus Ex world.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC System Specs Released


Do you have enough power in your PC to run the new Deus Ex? This is where you find out.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution FEMA Camp Preview


Get a glimpse of a new area of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and a look at how the game’s weapon upgrades will work.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Play Method Video

deus ex 1

Check out the three different gameplay styles in this new video.

Zombies, Carnival and the Destruction of LA


It’s been a great day for our link dump, and it’s only Tuesday.

CONFIRMED: Deus Ex: Human Revolution in August


Signs are all pointing to a late August release for Eidos’ highly-anticipated title.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Shows Ambition in Storytelling

deus ex thumb

Eidos Montreal Lead Writer Mary DeMarle talks about the themes and challenges of storytelling in the upcoming RPG shooter.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hands-on Preview

dehr thumb

We got to preview the first few hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, over and over — trying out different choices and different augmentations.

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