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Devil May Cry HD Achievements


Tear up when you see this massive list of achievements for Devil May Cry HD.

Devil May Cry HD Walkthrough


Watch devils (and James) cry in our video walkthrough for the HD Collection.

Devil May Cry HD Cheats


Stop going through Hell, give Dante a break with our extra articles.

Devil May Cry HD Trophies


The devil is in the Playstation’s details.

Devil May Cry Gets an HD Collection in 2012

devil may cry thumb

The first three games are being updated from 10-year-old hardware to five-year-old hardware. Lucky us.

Rumor: Expect a Devil May Cry HD Collection Announcement at E3


The HD Collection party probably continues

The Greatest Boobs In Video Game History (Gallery)


Obvious click bait inside!

Buster Sword Wood-Chopping, Decorative Wood Racks (VIDEO)

buster sword thumb

A guy made a Buster sword and he uses it to chop wood for his decorative wood rack. I imagine he could also use it to slay one-winged angels.