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EA’s Battlefield 4 Spin, Excuses Won’t Help Future Games

battlefield 4 1 thumb

Electronic Arts and its executives are no strangers to damage control when it comes to the launch of Battlefield 4,…

EA’s Hilleman Suggests Battlefield 4 Launch Woes Overblown

battlefield 4 thumb

EA’s chief creative officer answers a few questions about how Battlefield 4 launched, and how EA might improve launches in the future.

Battlefield 4 Review: Multiplayer At Its Finest

battlefield 4 thumb

Since we first started riding on the wings of fighter planes in 1942, the Battlefield franchise has been front and…

PSA: Battlefield 4 Beta Invites Are Fakes — Avoid ‘Em

battlefield 3 camping thumb

Apparently, there are bogus Battlefield 4 beta invite emails floating around the Internet, but if you see one, you should…

DICE Annoyed That People Say It Doesn’t Innovate Enough

battlefield 3 1 thumb

DICE GM says the developer innovates plenty.

Battlefield 3 ‘Armored Kill’ DLC Hits PS3 Today

battlefield 3 flying thumb

If you’re a Battlefield Premium subscriber, that is.

Battlefield 3 DLC ‘Armored Kill’ Dated for September

battlefield 3 armored kill thumb

More vehicles are on their way.

PSA: Battlefield 3, Battlelog and Origin Will Be Down Tonight

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Make alternate arrangements.

Get Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Receive Battlefield 4 Beta Access

medal of honor warfighter beta thumb

But you’ll have at least another year of DICE supporting Battlefield 3 in the meantime.

Battlefield 3 Offers Double XP All Week

battlefield 3 2 thumb

Spend your week playing Battlefield 3.

Official Battlefield 3 Servers Vanish as Rental Servers Take Over

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Now players are upset there are TOO MANY rental servers.

DICE is Readying a Massive Update for Battlefield 3

battlefield 3 thumb

It’s a monster.

Big Battlefield 3 Patch Coming Tuesday, Addresses VOIP Issues

battlefield 3 flying thumb

Sounds like a quality patch.

Surrounded, Battlefield 3 Player Makes Good His Escape (VIDEO)

battlefield 3 sniper thumb

Best comment on this YouTube video: “I have to go, my planet needs me.”

Free Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack DLC Now Available

battlefield 3 camping thumb

It’s pre-order DLC, and it just hit PC and Xbox 360 for all.

Freddie Wong Made a Battlefield 3 Commercial for EA

battlefield 3 freddie wong thumb

Explosions: they’re great.

Battlefield 3 ‘Easter Egg’ Hints at Possible Battlefield 2143

battlefield 2143 easter egg thumb

Start the rumor mill!

Battlefield Heroes Bringing Fresh Content Each Day in Run Up To Christmas

battlefield heroes christmas thumb

Free things for shooter fans.

Battlefield 3 PC Patch Goes Live; Here’s What’s Changed

battlefield 3 destruction thumb

A whole lot of stuff has been changed, fixed, or otherwise made less crap.

Battlefield 3 Patch Coming to PC Next Week, DICE Says

battlefield 3 camping thumb

Lots of fixes in the pipe, it seems.

NVIDIA Says Its Earnings Are Up Because PCs Are Way Better Than Consoles

battlefield 3 destruction thumb

People keep buying graphics cards because console games look like dog crap, it seems.

Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Everything Wrong With The FPS

battlefield 3 camping thumb

Love or hate (insert extremely similar military shooter franchise here), shooters need to try something new. Now.

How To Not F–k Up the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PC Launch

mw3 trailer 1 thumb

We’re hoping this photo isn’t an analog for the MW3 PC launch.

Crack Lets You Play Battlefield 3 Without Origin

battlefield 3 flying thumb

We’re betting it could get you banned, though.

EA, DICE Say They’re Fixing Battlefield 3 Known Issues

battlefield 3 camping thumb

Hey, an update that gives (a little bit of) information about fixing Battlefield!

EA Says Battlefield 3′s Online Issues ‘Almost Fixed’

battlefield 3 1 siiiigh

Believe it when you see it, though.

Signs Suggest Battlefield 3 May Show Up On Steam

battlefield 3 destruction thumb

Some slight new evidence suggests we might get Steam compatibility, but it sure isn’t definitive.

Dr. Pepper Offers Free Battlefield 3 DLC Dog Tags, Multiplayer Skins

battlefield dr pepper thumb

Good news if you like both Battlefield 3 and Dr. Pepper.

Origin Battlefield 3 Activation Possible Fix: Switch Your Default Browser

battlefield 3 2 thumb

If you’re using Firefox or Safari, that might be your trouble.

5 Tips for CoD Players Jumping into Battlefield 3′s Multiplayer

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If you play Battlefield like you play Modern Warfare — STOP.

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