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Dishonored Trophies


Master the City of Dunwall on the Playstation 3.

Dishonored Walkthrough


Keep your hands clean or become an agent of chaos in your quest for revenge. The choice is up to you.

Interactive Dishonored Vid Lets You Plot Your Course

dishonored 4 thumb

Pick your path through an early Dishonored assassination mission.

Dishonored is Gold; Pre-Order For Team Fortress 2 Goodies

team fortress dishonored.jpg thumb

Enter a contest and also pre-order for new gear.

Dishonored’s Tales from Dunwall 3 is About The Mask (VID)

dishonored tales from dunwall 3 thumb

The final animated short is here.

PSN Will Feature 8 AAA Games For Download At Launch


OK, PSN, all is almost forgiven.

Dishonored ‘Tales from Dunwall’ Episode 2 is Here (VIDEO)

dishonored 2 thumb

The stories from Dishonored’s city are pretty much all sad.

Dishonored – The Tales from Dunwall: The Awakening (VID)


Creepy cartoon.

Dishonored Devs Talk About Finishing the Game in Dev Diary

dishonored 5 thumb

Learn a little more about Dishonored as it goes into the final weeks before launch.

Dishonored – Developer Documentary Part 3 (VID)


Freeze time, spawn rats, place a mine on the rat, possess the rat and run under a guard’s foot. Boom.

Dishonored Dev Diary Talks About Creating an Immersive World

dishonored imersion thumb

Arkane Studios’ second developer diary is all about art.

Dishonored Developer Diary Discusses the Game’s Inception

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Some insight into the creation of the game.

Dishonored Dev: ‘Gamer Fatigue’ Setting In


He’s right.

Get Your Stealth Skills Ready for Dishonored (TRAILER)

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Enemies do a pretty good job of detecting you, and then killing you, in Dishonored.

Here Are Your Dishonored PC Requirements

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Make preparations for assassinations.

10 Awesome PC Games Still Coming in 2012


What games do you have to look forward to throughout the rest of the year?

We Helped A Stalker In Our Dishonored QuakeCon Hands-On


It’s like choosing between punching an orphan and making fun of them instead.

Pre-Order Dishonored and Get Arx Fatalis Free During QuakeCon 2012


Only until August 5th.

Dishonored’s Impressive Voice Cast Revealed


Nolan North! Just kidding.

Half Life 2 Art Director: Valve “Stopped Making Epic AAAs”



Game Front is Headed to QuakeCon 2012 Next Week!

quakecon carmack thumb

If you’re going to be there, hit us up!

Dishonored Dev: “It’s Been A Poor, Poor Five Years for Fiction in the Industry”


“There have been too many sequels, and too many established IPs that have been ruling the market.”

You Can Play Dishonored at QuakeCon 2012

dishonored 2 thumb

And it’s free to attend!

Dishonored Will Launch with a Proper PC UI


Bethesda proves that it can learn from its mistakes.

Dishonored Dev: ‘We Encourage Multiple Playthroughs’

dishonored 4 thumb

There will be reasons to play through Dishonored more than once, and maybe even a new game plus-type mode.

Dishonored Dev: We ‘Adjust the Game to Meet the Challenge’

dishonored thumb

When players figure out how to use their Dishonored powers in unexpected ways, the devs usually make things tougher.

Dishonored Will Have a Native PC Interface


Excellent news!

Dishonored Combines Deus Ex Freedom with BioShock Power


Arkane Studios’ newest title looks very promising indeed.

What We’re Excited About for E3 2012

zeldapuppet thumb

We’re looking forward to some huge games at E3 2012. Here’s what we’re hoping to see.

Bethesda Launches Tumblr Full of Dishonored Art, Gifs

dishonored whale slaughterhouse thumb

Lots of media goodies to look at and listen to here.

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