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New to Battlefield 3? This Trailer Will Introduce You to the Open Beta

battlefield 3 thumb

Get up to speed, kind of, with the help of DICE.

Free Portal 2 DLC Drops on Oct. 4 with Single-Player and Co-Op Challenge Mode

portal 2 test chamber thumb

The best part of Portal 1 finally makes its way to the sequel.



Hooray for non-payment!

Dead Nation ‘Road of Devastation’ DLC Trailer Shows Off New Zombie-Fighting

dead nation road to devastation thumb

More zombies for the low low price of only $3.99.

Eidos Walks Us Through Some of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s ‘Missing Link’ DLC (VIDEO)

deus ex missing link thumb

See Jensen on a boat!

Call of Duty: Black Ops ‘Rezurrection’ DLC Hits Steam, Playstation Network

black ops rezurrection moon thumb

The wait is over. Time to kill zombies on the moon.

Gears of War DLC Won’t Be About Delta Squad

gears 3 beta thumb

Imagine something like Grand Theft Auto IV’s “The Lost and the Damned,” says Cliffy B.

Dragon Age II DLC ‘Mark of the Assassin’ Coming Oct. 11 (TRAILER)

dragon age 2 mark of the assassin thumb

It’s like Ocean’s 11, but with more stabbing.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC Will Average 5 Hours of Playtime

deus ex missing link thumb

It’ll also be better than 1.5GB, so delete some porn off your hard drive before October.

Rockstar Confirms Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition

red dead fight a bear thumb

Mark your calendar: Oct. 11 is when you can get the game and all the DLC in one shot.

At Least Three City Hubs Were Cut from Deus Ex: Human Revolution

deus ex urban 1 thumb

Because that would have made the game f–king way too big.

Call of Duty: Black Ops ‘Rezurrection’ DLC Review

black ops rezurrection moon thumb

If you don’t mind paying for a pack of what are mostly recycled maps from CoD: World at War, Rezurrection offers a whole lot to Zombies fans.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC’s Zombies ‘Ground Control’ Achievement

black ops rezurrection moon thumb

Watch this video, get this achievement.

Get All the Gears of War 3 DLC for the Low Price of $30 with Season Pass

gears 3 beta thumb

Epic already knows how much it expects you to pay for Gears of War 3 DLC.

Skyrim DLC Hitting Xbox Live First, Just Like with Call of Duty: Black Ops

skyrim nord thumb

PC and PS3 players will get it a month later

Pinball FX 2 Gets a Ms. Splosion Man-Themed Table (TRAILER)

ms splosion man table thumb

More pinbally goodness comes to Pinball FX 2.

Treyarch Talks About the Ins and Outs of Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC Rezurrection (TRAILER)

black ops rezurrection thumb

Five new Zombies maps, four of them from Call of Duty: World at War.

Trade Digital Crap for Other Digital Crap in Steam Trading Beta

steam thumb

Suddenly those crappy games your friends gifted you have bartering potential.

Freddy Krueger Kombatant Guide


1… 2… Freddy’s coming for you.

Grab Brink’s Agents of Change DLC Pack Free Today

brink screens 1 thumb

They’re apologizing for lagging the game out for the first two weeks of its existence.

DLC Pack Brings New Missions to Red Faction: Armageddon (TRAILER)

hale_02 thumb

Learn what happened before the Armageddon part.

Brink’s Agents of Change DLC to Land August 3


War returns to the Ark.

Black Ops’ Annihilation DLC Pack Hits Steam, Playstation Network

black ops annihilation thumb

Fifteen bucks, little man. Put that s–t in my hand.

DiRT 3 Gets New X Games Asia Tracks in DLC (TRAILER)

dirt 3 thumb

Two new places to spin your wheels.

NASCAR: The Game 2011 Gets DLC and a New Trailer

nascar the game tumb

If you ain’t first, you’re last.

DC Universe Online DLC Pack Adds Green Lantern

dcuo green lantern thumb

You can make your own Green Lantern guys for the low cost of $9.99.

Uncharted 3 Beta Gets Final Hot Content Injection

uncharted 3 thumb

Check out the new Adventure mode, which gives you a co-op taste of Uncharted 3′s single-player campaign.

Call of Duty: Black Ops ‘Annihilation’ DLC Review

black ops annihilation shangri la thumb

The latest Black Ops map pack is solid, but it’s hard not to draw comparisons to the last one, Escalation, which finds Annihilation slightly lacking.

Uncharted 3 Beta Goes Public, Rotates in New Game Modes

airport hanger drake thumb

New modes and new players join the beta on PSN.

Black Ops Level Design is Becoming Part of Treyarch’s ‘DNA’

black ops annihilation thumb

Black Ops Design Director David Vonderhaar discusses how the process of building maps is evolving with each new DLC release.

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