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Name Change: Klei’s Incognita is Now Invisible, Inc.


After losing a bet involving scuba gear, a hang glider and a bucket of lard, Klei has agreed to change…

Don’t Starve: Console Edition Adventure Guide


Don’t Starve on the PS4 with Game Front.

Don’t Starve & DmC Free for PlayStation Plus Members Jan. 7


DMC for PS3, Don’t Starve for PS4.

BioShock Infinite, DMC, Brothers Free to PS Plus Members in Jan.


Sony promised the PlayStation 4 would not signal the end of its support for the PlayStation 3, and based on…

Freebies, Ridiculous Deals in’s Fall Insomnia Sale


Deals so good, you won’t want to fall asleep. That’s how is pitching its latest DRM-free promo, the Fall…

Don’t Starve Adds Steam Workshop Support, New Modding Content


Don’t Starve has all new content for Steam owners of the game.

Don’t Starve Update Adds Character Powers, Modding Support


Modding support and character powers are new additions to Don’t Starve.

Don’t Starve Review: Hungry For More


Don’t Starve is a good stepping stone in the survival sim genre, but lacks the meat to keep you hooked.

Klei Entertainment Founder Attacks ‘Crunch’ Game Development


There’s no excuse to force game development into overtime.

Don’t Starve Update Adds Adventure Mode, Weather, and More


Don’t Starve sees the addition of a new adventure and story mode.

Don’t Starve Pre-Orders Now Include TF2 Items


You can now pretend to be Wilson in TF2.

Surviving the Unknown is Its Own Kind of Horror

don't starve horrorscope thumb

The “horror” in survival-horror isn’t about blood and monsters, but about the “survival” part.