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Double Fine Lays off Staffers, Cancels Unannounced Project


Double Fine has let go 12 of its employees following the cancellation of an “unannounced” game. The unfortunate news was…

Costume Quest 2 Announced

Costume Quest 2

Midnight City will publish Costume Quest 2 The game, which will be made by Tim Schafer’s studio Double Fine Productions,…

Broken Age Review: Delightful But Disinterested

broken age review 2 thumb

Broken Age is a gorgeous, often funny return to adventure games for Tim Schafer and Double Fine, but it’s also too often dull and shallow.

Broken Age Embargo Decree Disrespects Press, Backers

broken age 1 thumb

Double Fine’s email statement to Kickstarter backers dictating embargo information forgets players’ ownership of what they paid for, and the fact that the game wouldn’t exist without their money.

Broken Age: Act 1 Beta Drops Tomorrow


AAA games shipped in a near unplayable state, DLC available for pre-order (in some cases for said unplayable games), early…

Broken Age Delayed, Split: Double Fine Says $3.3M Isn’t Enough

broken age 1 thumb

Double Fine’s Kickstarter-funded Broken Age is over budget and is being split into two releases, says Tim Schafer.

Massive Win for Double Fine as Massive Chalice is Fully Funded


Double Fine’s strategy game is fully funded.

The Cave Review: Guilty of the Deadly Sin of Being Boring

the cave 4 thumb

Weak design decisions mean that the charming bits of The Cave are overwhelmed by the time you’ll waste doing boring things.

Monkey Island’s Insult Swordfighting Playable In Browser


Learn how to fight like a dairy farmer.

Double Fine Looking at THQ Bankruptcy Paperwork


Are they looking at THQ IP, or their own?

Double Fine’s The Cave Has a Steam Page, Not Quite Pre-Orderable

the cave thumb

It’s on Steam, but you can’t buy it yet.

Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight Games Chosen


A fantasy adventure, a Zelda-style hack n’ slash, and more are on the way.

Vote on Double Fine’s Next ‘Amnesia Fortnight’ Games Via Humble Bundle


You choose which pitches get prototyped — then download them when they’re ready.

Project Eternity Kickstarter Breaks Record for Most Funded

project eternity thumb

People really love Obsidian.

Publishers: Stay the Hell Away from Kickstarter

kickstarter 2 thumb

If publishers start taking advantage of players’ willingness to fund games, Kickstarter is doomed.

Double Fine Accidentally Releases iOS Title, Turns It Into Beta

middle manager of justice thumb

They’re taking feedback from people who got the game early.

New Screenshots From Double Fine’s ‘The Cave’ Emerge



Watch Tim Schafer Yo-Yoing


This is the world’s most obvious link bait evarz.

Double Fine: Video Games ‘Don’t Need Permission’ to Be Art

games as art

Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert don’t really think this needs to be a debate anymore.

Wil Wheaton Interviews Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert

schafer gilbert thumb

Wil, Tim and Ron spend a few minutes talking about everything from The Cave and Kickstarter to video games as art.

Double Fine to Big Publishers: Embrace Change, Or Miss the Revolution

humble bundle v thumb

In the age of digital distribution and social networking, publishers need to engage with their fans, Double Fine says.

Sega And Double Fine Announce The Cave For 2013


And now, our first look at what all that Kickstarter money gets us.

Kickstarter Campaigns Have Costs, Too

DoubleFineAdventure thumb

It’s not just free money.

Kickstopper: How Kickstarter Made the Video Games Industry Greedy


The backlash against Kickstarter will be brutal, and developers can only blame themselves.

Indie Games to Check Out During the Spring Release Drought

journey thumb

Running out of new stuff to play? Check out these under-the-radar indie titles.

Double Fine Teases Tim Schafer Q&A Session with Kickstarter Blooper Video


You can ask Tim Schafer anything on Sunday.

Humble Bundle Mojam Has Already Broken $100K for a Game Mojang Hasn’t Made Yet

mojam thumb

They’re making something that sounds slightly insane over the span of a weekend.

Double Fine Adventure Will Get Voice Acting, Multiple Translations, Mobile Versions (VIDEO)

double fine schafer thumb

That’s what Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert are doing with all that money.

Notch Wants You To Stop Freaking Out About Psychonauts 2


But we won’t. Because come on. That would be AWESOME.

Why You Should be Excited About Double Fine’s Kickstarter Success


The future’s bright, the future’s indie!

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