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Dragon Age II PC Patch 1.01


Download the new patch here!

Dragon Age 2 Shield Equip Armor Glitch

dragon age 2 hawke thumb

You can’t find an easier glitch to exploit than this one. Boost two characters’ armor up to 100 percent in no time at all.

Everything You Need to Rule Dragon Age 2

dragon age 2 thumb

Check out everything we’ve got to help you blast, slash, finagle or cheat your way through Dragon Age 2 — plus tons of videos.

Dragon Age 2 PC Saved Game Editor Hacks

dragon age 2 evil hawke thumb

PC users, get into the nuts and bolts of Dragon Age 2 to give your characters anything they need, from stat boosts to tons of money.

Dragon Age 2 Item Duplication and Free Gold Code

dragon age 2 thumb

Use this glitch to duplicate any stackable item, and make a ton of money along the way.

Dragon Age 2 Companions

dragon age 2 companions thumb

Find and recruit every companion in Dragon Age II.

Dragon Age 2, Bob Barker, and Batman


Today’s link dump includes movies, game shows, the NBA, and a whole lot more.

Dragon Age II Review


Dragon Age II reinvents the video game version of epic fantasy – and also manages to be a pretty excellent game.

Holy Cow, Dragon Age 2 Looks Badass with the High Res Texture Pack (SCREENS)


Y’all should try this, really.

Dragon Age 2 Dev Console Cheats


Cheat like the pros do.

Dragon Age 2 Unlimited Gold and XP Glitch


All the rewards, none of the risk.

Dragon Age 2 Ending Videos


Playing games is just about the payoff at the end anyway, right?

Dragon Age 2 Sex Scene Videos


Let’s get it on.

34 Dragon Age Cosplay Pics

Morrigan at church

Where all the Dragon Age cosplayers at?

Dragon Age 2 Cheats


Full of useful info-loot.

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough


It’s hard out there for a hero. Let us make it a little easier.

Dragon Age 2 Trophies


By the Maker! Get these while they’re hot.

Dragon Age 2 “The Exiled Prince” DLC Trailer


Day one DLC sneak peek video.

Dragon Age 2 PC Demo Download


Download the demo now!

Dragon Age 2 Demo Walkthrough


Crave Dragon Age 2? This is the page for you, dude.

If a Million People Download the Dragon Age II Demo, Everybody Gets Free In-Game Stuff

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Wow. This is advertising for an advertisement.

Felicia Day + Dragon Age 2


The Guild and Dr. Horrible star’s nerdly empire is expanding apace. Yay!

Dragon Age 2 Achievements


No matter how you earn these, you’ll probably end up covered in blood-spatter.

Dragon Age 2 Demo Coming Feb. 22


First there was a Dragon Age 2 demo, then there wasn’t, and now there definitely is.

Dragon Age 2 DRM Is Quite Reasonable


Bioware’s new RPG sequel is setting nice new DRM standards. Hopefully, more EA PC titles will follow suit.

Bioware Shares More Dragon Age 2 Backstory Info


New details revealed about Dwarves, Elves and Qunari in the upcoming game.

Dragon Age 2 Contains 103 Minutes of Cutscenes

dragon age 2 thumb

The BBFC has laid down a rating for Dragon Age 2 — and yeah, it’s bloody, like its predecessor.

Dead Space 2 Box Has a Download Code for Dragon Age II Armor (VIDEO)

isaac armor thumb

Purchasing Dead Space 2 on Jan. 25 will nab you a download code for a free set of Dead Space-inspired…

Dragon Age 2 Black Emporium Bonus Content Announced


Bioware’s rolled out another Dragon Age 2 pre-order offer, as well as details on what buying the game new will get you over a used copy.

Making of Dragon Age II Trailer #2


EA has new goodies for us!

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