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EA Thinks Dungeon Keeper Failed By “Innovating Too Much”


Electronic Arts may no longer be considered the worst company in America, but that doesn’t mean it’s catching a break…

Dungeon Keeper Ads Are “Misleading,” UK’s ASA Rules


Dungeon Keeper was a classic strategy gem back in 1997, but these days, the name raises a fair bit of…

Dungeon Keeper Free for 48 Hours at

dkeeperftr has a Valentine’s Day gift for PC gamers: a free copy of Peter Molyneux’s 1997 strategy classic, Dungeon Keeper….

Good Old Games Catalogue Expands to Include New, Newish Games


Exciting news from CD Projekt’s popular digital distribution service.

Notch Says Funding Dungeon Keeper 3 Would Be Fun


You do not have enough gold to train these sequels (haha, Dungeon Keeper joke)

GOG Box: Dungeon Keeper


Evil still never got this good.