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Dungeon Siege III Releasing May 31, Preorder Bonuses Detailed


Find out what extras you can pick up with your Dungeon Siege III preorder.

No XP For Dungeon Siege III Co-op Players


Looking forward to hosting a Dungeon Siege III co-op game? So is every single other player.

In The Name Of The King 2 Is Actually Happening


And Uwe Boll proves that he is from a race of aliens who have evolved without a concept of shame.

New Dungeon Siege 3 Screens are Awesome


Some new screens for Dungeon Siege 3 have just arrived from Gamescom, and they’re looking awfully good.

Obsidian Would Revive Chrono Trigger, Despite Huge Flop in Alpha Protocol

The guys who brought you Alpha Protocol, “generally speaking, a terrible game,” are pretty buddy-buddy with Square Enix now that…

Thoughts On The Dungeon Siege III E3 Demo

It’s been 5 years since Dungeon Siege 2. That’s a hell of a long time in gaming, and even longer…

FileFront’s Best of E3 2010


Well, E3 is behind us all now. We’ve survived the flights, the crowds, and the Dead Space 2 demo. You’ve…

Obsidian Developing Dungeon Siege III, Square to Publish

In a bid to resuscitate the Dungeon Siege franchise after Uwe Boll clubbed it to death with his movie interpretation,…

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