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Sony ‘Likely to Be Last’ of Console Makers to Announced Next-Gen Plans

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They’re playing it cool, boy. Real cool.

A 17-Minute Dose of Hitman: Absolution, Straight from E3 (VIDEO)

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The awesome video demo that shows off Instinct and dressing up.

See the Entire 13-Minute Metro: Last Light Demo from E3 2011 (VIDEO)

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Finally, All The Gameplay is upon us.

Part 3 of Metro: Last Light E3 Demo Includes Boarding a Moving Train (VIDEO)

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There may be as many as three more parts of this.

Check Out the Second Half of Metro: Last Light’s E3 Demo

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More dark and spooky underground first-person mayhem from post-apocalyptic Russia.

E3 2011 – Four Franchises That Could Be Redeemed by Sequels

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We got a look at a few sequels that are very promising despite the games that came before them.

E3 2011 – A Purer Demonic Experience in The Darkness II

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Tighter gameplay and an intuitive “quad-wielding” system seem like they’ll make The Darkness II more than a worthy successor to the original.

E3 2011 – Video Interview with Darkness II Lead Designer Tom Galt

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We got a quick five minutes with Tom after seeing The Darkness II’s very cool E3 demo.

E3 2011 – Boba Fett Meets Blade Runner in Prey 2

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It doesn’t seem to be anything like its predecessor, but Human Head’s E3 demo of Prey 2 has us excited to hunt bounties and climb things.

Cliffy B: Epic Always Intended to Keep GoW 360-Exclusive


And he explains why, and it has to do with the game Myst.

Cliffy B: Aussies Deserve to Play Gears of War 3


The Epic Creative Director weighs in on government censorship in Australia.

E3 2011: Star Trek: Infinite Space Has Infinite Trek Nerd Cred


I hope this game lives long and prospers.

Cliffy B Confirms: Silverback Mech Suit is “in one [Gears of War 3] multiplayer map”


This is going to piss people off who like to say the word “unbalanced.”

E3 2011 – More Good Ol’ Uncharted in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

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Don’t expect Uncharted 3 to take the series in new directions or anything. Do expect it to be as cool and exciting as ever.

E3 2011 – Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Report Cards

Report Card Thumb

Want to know who won E3? Find out what one writer thought in our E3 Report Card.

E3 2011 – Relive the Zombie Apocalypse in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

operation raccoon city 4

A co-op heavy class shooter is a bit of a departure for Resident Evil, and we go hands-on to see how Operation Raccoon City holds up.

5 Reasons The PSVita Will Be Worth Your Money


Oh, and 1 reason it won’t…

E3 2011 – 5 Harrowing Minutes Surrounded by Dead Island’s Zombies (Hands-On)

dead island 4 thumb

Dead Island’s constant onslaught of zombies makes even its short E3 demo pretty intense.

E3 2011: The Old Republic Hands-on — WoW in Space?


We took the Imperial Operative and Sith Sorcerer out on a murder spree.

E3 2011: XCOM Returns in a New Guise


Now with more tactical and RPG elements.

Cliffy B: Gears of War Movie “in development hell”


But he hopes Gears of War 3 will get it jump started.

GameFront’s Best of E3 2011


You’ve seen our coverage. Now find out what we thought the best games of E3 were.

E3 2011 – BioShock Infinite Looks Great, But Also Like It’s On Rails

bioshock infinite vox 2 thumb

After seeing Irrational Games’ live demo at E3, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new BioShock — even if it does look like the game will be more watching than playing.

E3 2011: The X-Men Destiny Demo’s Mutant Power Is Boredom


Come on guys. The game comes out in September. Why couldn’t we play the dang thing?

E3 2011 – See Assassin’s Creed Revelations in Action with Commentary (VIDEO)

assassin's creed revelations thumb

Six minutes of Ezio stabbin’ dudes.

E3 2011 – Hands-on Playing OnLive on the iPad

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Finally, a damn good reason to buy an iPad.

Survival Horror on Kinect with Rise of Nightmares (TRAILER)

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Imagine being tied up and attacked by monsters!

E3 2011 – Gearbox Loves Aliens, But Is That Enough to Make Colonial Marines Good?

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Gearbox’s upcoming sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens has a lot to get right. After checking out the E3 demo, they seem like the guys for the job, but I’m still a bit worried.

E3 2011 Said Look, But Don’t Touch


Exclusivity and hands-off demos, the apparent future of E3.

E3 2011 – Magicka PvP Hands-On Preview


All those times you “accidently” killed your friends in co-op is about to pay off.

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