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See The Starship-Decorated E3 Demo Room For Star Wars 1313


It’s very spacey. But not necessarily star wars-y.

ESA Releases E3 2012 Numbers, Doesn’t Confirm LA Return In ’13


A lot of people converged on Los Angeles last week, and they spent a lot of money.

ROCCAT to Make Your iPhone Part of Your PC Gaming This Summer


Also releasing new high-end and low-priced gaming mice.

Expect Natural Selection 2 to Hit Late August, Early September Release

natural selection 2 12 thumb

The release window just got a little smaller.

Watch Our Interview With Company of Heroes 2 Director Quinn Duffy


And get a great history lesson.

SimCity 2013 Impressions: Groundbreaking, Yet Troubling


Is it better to be the sole monotheistic god of an entire universe, or a member of a pantheon? That’s…

Game Front’s E3 2012 Video Coverage – All in One Spot


Because we love you.

INTERVIEW: Robert Bowling Loves New Super Mario Bros. U

robotoki humanelementthumb

After seven years as the public face of the Modern Warfare series, Robert Bowling made the gaming industry drop its…

Relic: Company of Heroes 2 is a “Deep, Compelling Experience”


Get the lowdown on Relic’s upcoming sequel in this E3 video interview.

Crytek Says: We’re “Way Beyond Next-Gen Consoles Already”


And does so without dropping their monocles.

The Reapers Invade Game Front’s E3 Hotel


Don’t believe us? Watch the video!

Analyst’s Analysis Shows Rockstar Working on 5 Games

rockstar logo featured

And that GTAV is probably coming this fall.

Watch Dogs Coming in 2013 – Not a Next-Gen Game


But it looks so good.

Wil Wheaton Recaps Day 3 of E3 2012


The final day of E3 2012, as only Wil Wheaton can bring it to you!

Darksiders 2 E3 Trailer and Screens

darksiders 2 featured

Watch Death work extra hard.

Microsoft’s Spencer Says Xbox 360 Has “More Than Two Years” Left

xbox system featured

Unless, of course, yours gets the Red Ring of Death.

Dark Souls PC Port Won’t be Optimized for PC, Says Producer


More like Prepare to Sigh Edition.

Lucius Finally Gets a Release Date in E3 Trailer


Shiver Games’ dark adventure is coming in October.

The Last of Us Definitely Not Coming Out in 2012

last of us featured 2

But I want it NOW!

Gears of War: Judgement E3 Multiplayer Gameplay and Dev Chitchat


Check out the new Overrun mode featuring a class-based system.

Dead Space 3 E3 Gameplay Demo – Too Many Bullets?

dead space 3 featured

Looks like Issac’s been hanging out with Marcus Fenix.

Wil Wheaton Recaps Day 2 of E3 2012


‘Scoop’ Wheaton is on-site, bringing you news from E3!

Watch Dogs: How The Game Actually Works


If you’re wondering what Watch Dogs is all about, this is where you find out.

Watch Dogs: Why We Thought It Was Awesome


Watch Dogs is the biggest surprise of E3, and we love surprises!

LucasArts: Star Wars 1313 Is a “Linear, Crafted Roller Coaster Ride”


If you’re hoping to go roaming Coruscant, this game won’t deliver it.

FarCry 3 Co-Op Preview: A Far Cry From Fun


My first impression of FarCry 3′s co-op mode–revealed during Sony’s E3 presentation–was that it seemed like a harmless, though somewhat…

The 3 Stages Of Indiecade: Giggle; Cringe; Wow


First, it’s silly, but eventually it’s very sad. In a good way.

New Assassin’s Creed 3 E3 Trailer and Demo

assassin's creed 3 thumb

Even George W. makes an appearance! No, not that one – the guy on your coins.

The Last of Us E3 Demo is Atmospheric, Violent, Incredible

last of us featured

Ellie chucks a brick at some poor sap’s face, so you should definitely watch.

Hitman Absolution vs. Sleeping Dogs: Chinatown Throwdown

hitman vs thumb

Which game had the better E3 showing?

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