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Beyond: Two Souls E3 Trailer and Demo

beyond featured

Ellen Page stares at a dude, then stuff explodes.

Cloud Gaming from Gaikai to Stream on Samsung Smart TVs this Summer

Gaikai featured

An alliance made to topple… well, nobody, really.

Halo 4 E3 Trailer and Demo


It’s Halo, so you have to watch it.

Dishonored Combines Deus Ex Freedom with BioShock Power


Arkane Studios’ newest title looks very promising indeed.

Game Front’s E3 2012 Playlist Shows Up on Spotter

All our E3 videos in one spot.

Sony’s Tretton Says “It’s About Being the Best” in the Next Gen

ps logo

Also, The Karate Kid is his favorite movie (rumor).

Black Ops 2 Team Will Make Mod Tools ‘If They Have the Resources’


Treyarch won’t confirm mod tools, but they won’t rule them out, either.

CryTek “Really Pushing” Crysis 3 PC Graphics Past Crysis 2


Crytek’s Creative Director gives us the lowdown.

E3 2012: Day 1 in Photos


A huge set of photos straight from E3!

The Last Guardian Suffering From “Technical Difficulties,” Says Sony Pres

last guardian featured

At this rate, The Last Guardian could be the last PS3 game.

Quantum Conundrum Preview: From Portals to New Dimensions


Portal co-creator Kim Swift’s next puzzle game is multiple dimensions of awesome

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting for a Vita Price Cut

vita featured

Because expensive things cost money.

Tomb Raider Preview: A Hands-Off Look at Lara’s Beginnings


And you thought Nathan Drake had a bad day…

Wil Wheaton Recaps Day 1 of E3 2012


Wil Wheaton shows you a glimpse of Day 1 of E3, straight from the show floor.

Crysis 3 Preview: Took a Grenade-Arrow to the Face


More sandboxy, more hacking, more bow & arrow.

Hitman Absolution: Agent 47 is Up to His Old Tricks

hitman 5

I didn’t get to beat up any nuns, but the demo pleased me nonetheless.

Kip Katsarelis: SimCity Made “From The Ground Up” For Multiplayer

sim city featured

He also explained how co-op will help players fight crime.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories for Vita to be (Finally) Released in October

silent hill book of memories featured

Konami announces when it will announce another delay.

Dead Island: Riptide Announced

dead island riptide featured

It’s a thing that’s happening. That’s about all we know.

Konami Announces Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate for 3DS, Details, Trailer

mirror of fate featured

CLoSMoF 3DS ftw.

12 Free Games Now Available for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

ps plus featured

Including some seriously weighty titles.

God of War: Ascension Getting a Collector’s Edition

ascension featured

Well of course it is.

Far Cry 3 PC Version to Launch Simultaneously with Console Versions


UbiSoft shows mad respect for the PC gamers.

Nintendo’s E3 2012 Press Conference – What We Thought


This was Nintendo’s chance to shine – did they capitalize?

RUMOR – Mass Effect Coming to Wii U (CONFIRMED)


Is Bioware headed to Nintendo’s new console?

FarCry 3 Has 4-Player Co-Op, Map Editor


This island has a lot more than you bargained for.

God of War: Ascension Releasing March 12, 2013


Kratos returns on the stage at E3.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation Announced for Vita, Features Female Protagonist

liberation featured

And it’ll come in a bundle, too.

David Cage Announces Beyond: Two Souls at E3, Starring Ellen Page


The Heavy Rain creator returns.

PS1 Classics Finally Coming to Vita this Summer


It’s about time.

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